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See below endorsements from Warren County.

Warren County


The full list of 54 Warren County elected officials is below:

Pamela Vogel, County Clerk, Warren County

Michael Swan, County Treasurer, Warren County

Ron Conover, Town Supervisor, Bolton

Susan Wilson, Deputy Supervisor , Bolton

Wanda Cleavland, Town Board Member, Bolton

William Sherman, Superintendent of Highways, Bolton

Karen DuRose, Town Board Member, Chester

Michael Packer, Town Board Member, Chester

Mindy Conway, Town Clerk, Chester

Jason Monroe, Superintendent of Highways, Chester

Edna Frasier, Town Supervisor, Hague

Steven Ramant, Town Board Member, Hague

John Bast, Town Board Member, Hague

Donald Smith Sr., Superintendent of Highways, Hague

Daniel Bruno, Board of Supervisors, Glens Falls Ward 4

Michael N Geraci, Town Supervisor, Horicon

Robert Hill, Town Board Member, Horicon

Robert Olson, Town Board Member, Horicon

Krista Wood, Town Clerk, Horicon

Darian Granger, Superintendent of Highways, Horicon

Jean Comstock, Town Clerk, Johnsburg

Frederick Comstock III, Superintendent of Highways, Johnsburg

Nancy Stannard, Town Board Member, Lake George

Vincent Crocitto Jr., Town Board Member, Lake George

Eugene Merlino, Town Supervisor, Lake Luzerne

Michael Fazio, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne

Paul Lewandowski, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne

Cynthia Sherwood, Town Clerk, Lake Luzerne

Ronnie Deuel, Superintendent of Highways, Lake Luzerne

Brad Magowan, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Michael Wild, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Douglas Beaty, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Rachel Seeber, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Caroline Barber, Town Clerk, Queensbury

Anthony Metivier,TownBoard Member Ward 1, Queensbury

George Ferone, Town Board Member Ward 3, Queensbury

Tim McNulty, Town Board Member Ward 4, Queensbury

David Duell, Superintendent of Highways, Queensbury

Frank Thomas, Town Supervisor, Stony Creek

Susan Harrington, Town Clerk, Stony Creek

John Thomas,TownBoard Member, Stony Creek

Edward L. Lowell Jr.,TownBoard Member, Stony Creek

Nathan Thomas,TownBoard Member, Stony Creek

Doreen Ryan,TownBoard Member, Stony Creek

Neil Bradley, Superintendent of Highways, Stony Creek

Debra Runyon, Town Supervisor, Thurman

Edward Brown,TownBoard Member, Thurman

Patrick Wood, Superintendent of Highways, Thurman

Robert Blais, Village Mayor, Lake George

Joseph Mastrodomenico Jr., Village Trustee, Village of Lake George

Raymond Perry, Village Trustee, Village of Lake George

Kevin Geraghty, Town Supervisor, Warrensburg

Pamela Lloyd, Town Clerk, Warrensburg

Bryan Rounds,TownBoard Member, Warrensbur

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