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See below endorsements from Montgomery County.

Montgomery County


Today, 58 Montgomery County elected officials, including Republicans, Democrats, and Conservatives endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. This includes one or more elected officials from every town in Montgomery County.

“I was thrilled to find out Congresswoman Stefanik was redistricted into Montgomery, and I look forward to supporting her this November,” said Michael Pepe, Chairman of the County Legislature (R).“I have seen what Congresswoman Stefanik has been able to do in her district. She has consistently brought the concerns of Upstate New York and the North Country to the highest levels of government. For over a year, Elise has been demanding that Joe Biden and House Democrats address the skyrocketing cost of goods and services. Unfortunately, they have just continued with their reckless out-of-control government spending, which has only worsened this crisis. Thankfully Elise has proposed real solutions to this crisis, like her REIN IN ACT. Elise has my full support this November, and I look forward to working with her to make sure that she is reelected because Montgomery County couldn’t ask for a better champion in Congress.”

“I am proud to endorse Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in her re-election this November,” said Shawn Bowerman, Montgomery County Treasurer (D).“Congresswoman Stefanik has fought tirelessly during her tenure to deliver real results for Upstate New York and the North Country, and I look forward to what she will bring to Montgomery County. I have seen Congresswoman Stefanik in action. Because of Elise’s relentless advocacy, the Northern Border Regional Commission implemented a program that helped address NY-21’s rural doctor shortage. It is because of Elise’s ability to deliver real results like this that she has my full support this November, and I look forward to working tirelessly to help her win.”

“I am honored and humbled to have the backing of 57 elected officials from Montgomery County for my re-election campaign,” said Congresswoman Stefanik.“Voters and local leaders in Montgomery County know that I am the only candidate running for Congress from Upstate New York who shares the North Country’s values and has a proven track record of delivering real results for our community time after time in Congress. I look forward to working with everyone as we earn another historic victory this November and work to save America and New York in the new Republican-controlled House next year.”

Matthew Ossenfort, County Executive, Montgomery County

Jeff Smith, Sheriff, Montgomery County

Brittany Kolbe, County Clerk, Montgomery County

Shawn Bowerman, County Treasurer, Montgomery County

Michael Pepe, Chairman of the Legislature, Montgomery County

Martin Kelly, District 1, Montgomery County

Brian Sweet, District 2, Montgomery County

Robert Headwell, District 4, Montgomery County

Daniel Wilson, District 5, Montgomery County

Stephen Gomula, City Council Ward 4, City of Amsterdam

Brent Phetteplace, Town Council Member, Amsterdam

David Thibodeau, Town Council Member, Amsterdam

Jeff Baker, Mayor, Village of Canajoharie

Benny Goldstein, Town Supervisor, Canajoharie

Stephen Oare, Superintendent of Highways, Canajoharie

William Armitstead, Town Council Member, Canajoharie

Rodney Young, Town Council Member, Canajoharie

John Peruzzi, Town Council Member, Canajoharie

John Toomey, Town Council Member, Canajoharie

Bruce Ferguson, Town Council Member, Charleston

Jeff Bivens, Town Council Member, Charleston

Diane Ferguson, Town Clerk, Charleston

Robert Rhinehardt, Superintendent of Highways, Charleston

Mathew Gogis, Town Council Member, Florida

Mark Quiri, Town Council Member, Florida

Emily Staley, Town Clerk, Florida

Steven Anderson, Superintendent of Highways, Florida

William Peeler, Village Mayor, Village of Fonda

Timothy Healey, Village Trustee, Village of Fonda

Scott Sprague, Village Trustee, Village of Fonda

Timothy Reilly, Town Supervisor, Glen

Cheryl Reese, Town Supervisor, Minden

Tammy Beauregard, Town Clerk, Minden

Joe Hanifin, Superintendent of Highways, Minden

Stephen Heiser, Town Council Member, Minden

Karolann Grimm, Town Council Member, Minden

Tony Bruno, Town Council Member, Mohawk

Gerry Murray, Town Council Member, Mohawk

Niel Yerdon, Trustee, Village of Nelliston

Patrick Hanifin, Mayor, Village of Fort Plain

Rodney Strait, Trustee, Village of Fort Plain

Michael Calbet, Trustee, Village of Fort Plain

John Kirkpatrick, Trustee, Village of Fort Plain

Bill MacLauchlin, Town Supervisor, Palatine

Linda Logan, Town Clerk, Palatine

Shawn Cotton, Town Council Member, Palatine

Deborah Carey, Town Council Member, Palatine

Janey Dygert, Town Council Member, Palatine

Dominic Cuomo, Town Council Member, Root Town

Donald Bramer, Town Council Member, Root Town

John VanKersen, Town Council Member, Root Town

Louise Robusto, Town Council Member, St. Johnsville

Martha Mancini, Town Council Member, St. Johnsville

Arthur Dockerty, Trustee, Village of St. Johnsville

James Castrucci, Trustee, Village of St. Johnsville

James Bartone, Trustee, Village of Fort Johnson

Richard Conti, Trustee, Village of Hagaman

Michael McMahon, Mayor, Village of Ames

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