Veterans & Military Families

Protecting Fort Drum and Advocating for Veterans and Military Families

Protect Fort Drum and ensure veterans and military families receive the care and services they’ve earned

The North Country understands the special pride, tradition and history of the United States military. The brave men and women stationed at Fort Drum and their families sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms, both abroad and at home. We can never thank them enough.

Home of the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum is not only integral for maintaining our strong national security, but it is also the largest employer in New York State. Elise is committed to being an advocate in Washington to ensure that Fort Drum is well-funded for a long, successful future in Northern New York.

We must keep the promises and commitments we’ve made to our military veterans by ensuring needed services and care are always available and delivered in a timely fashion. This includes adequate and safe equipment, health care for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injuries and other service-related ailments, job opportunities and training, post-service career resources, as well as the disability and retirement benefits they’ve earned through their courageous service.  Elise will be a strong advocate for all veterans and military families in the North Country.

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