Securing Our Borders

Elise believes that we must address the crisis at our southern border and implement commonsense measures to fix our broken immigration system. She supports bipartisan reforms to provide our border patrol officers with the resources they need to secure our borders and protect our nation.

She opposes amnesty and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrant and has advocated against expanding the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. Elise has pushed Congress to tighten our borders while improving our legal immigration system. She was one of the earliest signers of the discharge petition to force Congress to act on immigration because she believes that both parties must work together to tackle this important issue. 

Additionally, Elise has consistently supported funding for humanitarian aid and border resources and has vocally opposed the separation of families at the southern border. She was proud to cosponsor of the Family Reunification Act, which is targeted legislation to reunite children who were separated from their parents along the southern border.

Elise has a proven record on immigration and border security. Last session, she voted for H.R. 695 to provide $5.7 billion to secure our Southern Border. This session, she has voted against sweeping amnesty for illegal immigrants and has voted to defund sanctuary cities by supporting H.R. 3003, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Elise also understands the benefit of legal immigration and has worked to fix the agricultural visa program, which is particularly important for North Country farmers..

Elise also understands that the Northern border experiences its own unique set of challenges. She serves as the Co-Chair of the Northern Border Caucus and is a leading voice promoting strong partnership with our Canadian neighbors while continuing to secure our northern border. She also signed a letter urging the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security against transferring staff away from the northern border, and she recently signed a letter to the House Committee on Appropriations advocating for over 1,500 new Customs and Border Patrol staff positions along the northern border. Our CBP officers must have the resources that they need to do their jobs and keep us safe. Elise will continue to fight for funding for northern border infrastructure and staffing to boost U.S.-Canadian commerce while ensuring our border security.

While in Congress, Elise has kept her promises to New York’s 21st District by taking the following actions:

Legislation cosponsored by Congresswoman Stefanik:

H.R. 6183 – Family Reunification Act
H.R. 5619 – Emergency Port of Entry Personnel and Infrastructure Funding Act of 2018
H.R. 2835 – Border Jobs for Veterans Act
H.R. 2626 – Strong Visa Integrity Secures America Act
H.R. 4796 – USA Act of 2018
H.R. 1044 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019

Elise discusses Northern Border security at the Champlain port of entry with CBP officers.