Energy Policies that Help North Country Families and Businesses

Affordable energy means ‘all of the above’

Energy costs are often times the highest expenses for a family or business in Upstate New York. Gas for the car, heating bills for home or the office – these costs add up quickly. The federal government often places unnecessary mandates and regulations on energy suppliers and development. However, America is home to vast supplies of energy that if fully utilized will supply a growing nation and fuel our economy into the future.

Elise supports a national energy policy that increases American-made energy, reduces our dependency on foreign oil, protects the environment, and brings down energy costs for New Yorkers.

Expanding energy exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas where it can be reached; utilizing alternative energy sources like solar and wind; developing more clean-coal and nuclear energy; and keeping government mandates and taxes low on energy suppliers and developers – these are critical components of an American-made ‘All of the Above’ energy policy.

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