In Congress, Elise has worked for affordability, sustainability and energy independence. Energy costs are often the highest expenses for families and businesses in Upstate New York. Gas for the car, heating bills for home or the office – these costs add up quickly. The federal government often places unnecessary mandates and regulations on energy suppliers and impedes development. However, America is home to vast supplies of energy which, if fully utilized, will fuel our growing nation’s economy into the future.

Elise supports a national energy policy that increases American-made energy, reduces our dependency on foreign oil, protects the environment and brings down energy costs for New Yorkers.
New York’s 21st district is home to extensive energy resources which have the potential to supply our growing nation, fuel economic development, and support our energy independence. Sources of energy production ranging from wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and conventional energy all support Upstate New York. This diverse portfolio of sources puts our district at the leading edge of new technologies and includes critical components of an American-made ‘All of the Above’ energy policy.

While in Congress, Elise has kept her promises to New York’s 21st District by taking the following actions:

Legislation introduced by Congresswoman Stefanik:
H.R. 4137, Renewable Electricity Tax Credit Equalization Act

Legislation cosponsored by Congresswoman Stefanik:
H.R. 2040 – Clean Energy Production Parity Act of 2019
H.R. 468 – Foreign Spill Protection Act
H.R. 1090 – Technologies for Energy Security Act of 2017

Elise tours North Country windmill operations to learn about wind power renewable energy.