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In her four terms, Chairwoman Elise has delivered real results for her community. Her Bipartisan effort have led to jobs, better health care, veterans benefits, and protections for our rights.

Blocking Cuomo’s Ventilator Grab

Elise successfully led the effort to get Governor Cuomo to backtrack on his dangerous and reckless executive order to have the National Guard confiscate North Country ventilators and send them downstate.

Supporting Our Seniors and Caregivers

Elise rewrote and co-led the bipartisan Older Americans Act, to improve the delivery of important services, like Meals on Wheels, to our seniors so they can stay in our communities. This law also includes Elise’s provisions to improve family caregiver services and ensure the protection of seniors with early onset Alzheimers.

Urged Public to Donate PPE to County Public Health Departments

Elise partnered with state and local officials to lead the effort urging our local businesses and manufacturers to donate PPE to our county health departments. Many of them have gone above and beyond to help our communities and get these important resources to our county health departments.

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