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See below endorsements from Franklin County.

Franklin County


The full list of 55 Franklin County elected officials is below:

Kevin Mulverhill, County Sheriff, Franklin County

Andrea Dumas, County Legislator and Malone Village Mayor, District 3

Edward Lockwood, County Legislator, District 4

Paul Maroun, County Legislator and Tupper Lake Village Mayor, District 6

Timothy Tallman, Town Supervisor, Bangor

Barry White, Town Council, Bangor

Robert Vandeusen, Town Council, Bangor

George Martin, Town Council, Bangor

Joey St. Mary, Town Council, Bangor

Mary Cartier, Tax Collector, Bangor

Jamie St. Hilaire, Superintendent of Highways, Bangor

Carol Edwards, Town Clerk, Bangor

Greg Langdon, Town Council, Bellmont

Harley Titus, Town Council, Bellmont

Judylane Nason, Town Clerk, Bellmont

Michael Kelley, Town Council, Bombay

Jamie Durant, Superintendent of Highways, Bombay

Jennifer Reardon, Town Clerk, Bombay

Michael Lawrence, Town Supervisor, Brandon

Kenneth Fish, Town Council , Brandon

Christine Marshall, Town Clerk, Brandon

Jay Marshall, Superintendent of Highways, Brandon

Steven Tucker, Town Council, Brighton

James Otis, Town Council, Burke

Arnold Lobdell, Town Council, Burke

Tammy Spinner, Tax Collector, Burke

Gary Lewis, Village Trustee, Burke

Scott Cowan, Town Council, Chateaugay

Roger LaBombard, Superintendent of Highways, Chateaugay

Matthew Clarke, Village Mayor, Chateaugay

Valerie Dalton, Village Trustee, Chateaugay

Susan Prue, Town Clerk, Constable

Larry Martin, Superintendent of Highways, Constable

Dolores Rice, Town Council, Dickinson

Stewart White Jr., Town Council, Dickinson

Tammy Daggett, Town Clerk, Dickinson

Dolores Clark, Tax Collector, Dickinson

Bruce Pelkey, Town Council, Duane

Eleanor Sue Nitto, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Duane

Dorothy Brown, Town Supervisor, Franklin

Jacques Demars, Superintendent of Highways, Franklin

Dan Martin, Superintendent of Highways, Harrietstown

Andrea Stewart, Town Supervisor, Malone

Michael Andrews, Superintendent of Highways, Malone

Frank Snyder, Town Council, Moira

Laurie McGill, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Santa Clara

Mary Fontana, Town Council / Interm Supervisor, Tupper Lake

Ronald LaScala, Village Trustee, Tupper Lake

David Maroun, Village Trustee, Tupper Lake

Chad Rivers, Town Supervisor, Waverly

Cynthia Durant, Town Council, Waverly

Howard Butch Goodrow, Town Council, Waverly

Deborah Fraser, Town Clerk, Waverly

Amy White, Tax Collector, Waverly

Harold Jack Fraser, Superintendent of Highways, Waverly

Robert Reynolds, Town Council, Westville

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