June 30, 2024

By Brian Flood


Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., unloaded on President Biden when receiving the Ronald Reagan Defender of Freedom Award for her commitment to conservative American values and principles.

Stefanik accepted the prestigious honor at the Faith and Freedom Coalition last weekend in Washington, D.C. When she took the stage at the conservative event, the House Republican Conference Chair accused the Biden administration of overseeing crises pertaining to the border, inflation, energy and crime.

“Are we ready in 136 days to fire Joe Biden and Save America? Are we ready to re-elect my good friend and your good friend, President Donald J. Trump? Yes, we are,” Stefanik told the crowd.

“This is the most important election in our lifetime. We know that this election is different, that the stake of our nation, the protection of our Constitution, are on the ballot this November. We have to leave everything on the field to save our great nation and save the American Dream. And President Trump is the only one who will be able to get that done,” she continued. “Let’s talk about what’s at stake this election cycle. We have seen under Joe Biden crisis after crisis.”

Stefanik blasted the Biden administration for “the most wide-open catastrophic border crisis in our nation’s history.”

“The American people are smart. They know that the millions of illegals that have poured into our country are because of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional, illegal executive actions, wiping away President Trump’s most effective border security policies in our nation’s history,” she said.

“That’s why when President Trump says he will secure the border, build the wall, end catch and release, restore Remain in Mexico policy,” Stefanik added. “We know what the most secure border is in our nation’s history, and it’s President Trump’s border security policies. Those are on the ballot this November.”

Stefanik was just getting started airing her grievances.

“We also have the Bidenflation crisis, the highest rate of inflation in my lifetime. If you talk to hardworking Americans, which I do every day—I was just in my district, visiting small businesses, visiting with members of the workforce, visiting with hardworking families. This inflation is crushing hardworking families going to the grocery store every week.”

“The price of eggs … the price of diapers, the price of baby formula, the price of food, bacon, meat, it goes up and up. It’s a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed Biden economic policies, which have hurt, catastrophically, families, small businesses, manufacturers and farms,” Stefanik continued. She asked audience members to recall “the America First economic boom” under President Trump.

“We’re going to restore American greatness. We’re going to restore the great America First economy, and we will get that done. House Republicans working with President Trump to fight back and crush this inflation that has been hurting so many families,” Stefanik said.

She also believes the “energy crisis” is tied to Biden’s economy.

“On day one, Joe Biden declared war on American energy independence, and hardworking Americans are footing the bill. We’re paying more for utilities. Paying more at the pump. All of those energy costs continue to go up. We’re having to rely on un-American energy,” Stefanik said before pivoting to crime.

“We also have a catastrophic crime crisis. And I can speak to that from a traditionally blue state like New York, where we have seen Democrats that control all levers of government, advocate for defunding the police, for failed bail reform, which allows violent criminals to return back to our streets. We have a crime crisis in places like San Francisco, New York City, other places across America,” Stefanik said.

Stefanik also criticized “the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Biden’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel, and rising antisemitism on college campuses.

“On top of the Biden border crisis, the inflation crisis, the energy crisis, the crime crisis, we’ve also seen Joe Biden’s weakness as commander in chief on the global stage,” she said.