PLATTSBURGH — Medisca’s new 60,000 square-foot pharmaceutical repackaging and distribution facility in the Town of Plattsburgh is the “largest project” the company has undertaken in its 35-year history.

“Ultimately, the new facility will more than double our repacking and distribution capabilities for the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and the emerging markets,” Tony Dos Santos, who founded Medisca with Maria Zaccardo, said at the facility’s grand opening ceremony Thursday.

“We’re presently shipping to 40 emerging markets across the world. The increased capacity will allow us to support the growth of the diverse healthcare groups we service. We service 503A pharmacies, 503B pharmacies, outsourcing facilities, hospitals, clinics, research institutions, CMOs (contract manufacturing organization), wholesalers and more.”

Medisca, a global company offering pharmaceutical compounding products and services, mixing technology, manufacturing, education services and more, will employ up to 85 professionals ranging from high-skilled to entry-level positions at its new facility located at 626 Tom Miller Road in the Town of Plattsburgh.


Dos Santos said the facility will have upgrades and improvements that will allow the company to better serve the growing demands of the business.

“We now have the capability to repackage cytotoxic drugs, leveraging custom-built isolators, we have state-of-the-art electronic weighing and monitoring systems,” he said.

“Our facility also reinforces our adherence to a rigorous quality system. Our innovative isolators reduce product cross contamination and protect the integrity of the product. Our monitoring systems allow for immediate response to any deviations and our warehouse management system ensures A to Z traceability in seconds. Prioritizing the health, safety and wellness of Medisca personnel was also the forefront of every decision made in the design of our facility.”

Medisca first came to Plattsburgh in 1992, just three years after opening its doors in Montreal.

Dos Santos said the plans to expand Medisca’s operations initially began 10 years ago.

The company’s commitment to staying in and making Plattsburgh the home of its new American headquarters came to fruition through a lease agreement with TDC NNY Premier Industrial Parks in late 2022, just months after construction on the building began.

“Finding the right location was critical,” Dos Santos said. “We found the right location with the help of TDC.”


Medisca CEO Sanjay D. Goorachurn called the new facility an “incredible achievement.”

“For a company that started 35 years ago, to actually attain the kind of success that it has now, and we’re hoping to build more on that,” he said.

“Practically speaking, this U.S. facility is a key contribution to Medisca’s success, not just in the U.S. but across the world. So this is very important for us.”

NY-21 Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) was in attendance for the grand opening and said Medisca’s expansion is “a true testament to the economic strength of our region.”

“I’m so proud to have the opportunity and really the humble honor of representing so many incredible entrepreneurial small businesses and manufacturers that call the North Country home,” she continued.

“This is very exciting. As I spoke with Tony and Maria and other members of the Medisca team, the fact that there was such a significant expansion for a global company right here in the Town of Plattsburgh, that is a big testament to our region.”


State Sen. Dan Stec (R-Queensbury) said Medisca is bringing jobs and economic opportunity.

“That’s what we all want,” Stec said.

“We all want an opportunity to raise our own families in a healthy environment that has everything in it that we want and that comes with making sure that you have … both a team here locally with Medisca, and the North Country Chamber of Commerce always driving the ball trying to make sure that they’re opening as many doors as they can, (and) leveraging our greatest asset: our people.”

Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateauguay Lake) thanked Medisca for investing in both the North Country and Plattsburgh.

“You planted that seed many, many years ago and it’s not easy … but you have done this,” Jones said.

“You have provided job opportunities for our people here, you have created an atmosphere where you can celebrate great, great things that you have done. We talked about the cross-border relationship that is going on, and this is an example of it.”


After the remarks concluded, a ribbon cutting for the facility took place out front. Local and state officials and media were then given a tour of the facility by Medisca operations manager Larry Harney.

Following the tour, Stefanik said Clinton County does an exceptional job at highlighting economic development and manufacturing opportunities.

“Clinton County is a standout when it comes to understanding the importance of the U.S.-Canadian relationship in terms of Canadian companies that open up important facilities here for that cross-border manufacturing and cross-border supply chain,” she said.

“This is also a testament to TDC, the North Country Chamber of Commerce, so many entities in this region, as well as our workforce development programs here that we have. You see a very dedicated workforce right here, and people that have worked here for over decades, and we’re very proud of that, and we’ll continue doing everything we can to support local economic development to work with our county legislature, our state elected officials, and the North Country Chamber of Commerce and businesses here.”