Wednesday, March 6th, 2024


WASHINGTON, DC — House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News’ Fox & Friends to discuss President Donald Trump’s historic Republican primary victory and how voters are unified behind President Trump’s campaign to defeat Joe Biden this November to save America.

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View highlights of her interview below.


On Supporting President Trump:

“Well, certainly the voters have made the decision, even before Super Tuesday, that President Trump is our strongest candidate to defeat Joe Biden this November. So we need to come together and unite, and Republican voters have done that loudly and clearly. So we are very focused on supporting President Trump and his campaign and defeat Joe Biden this November to save our country. This is the strongest Republican primary victory in modern history for President Trump if you look at his sweeping and resounding victory on Super Tuesday but also winning Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and just running the tables when it comes to coalescing voters in support of the choice this election. And when the choice is between President Trump and President Joe Biden, overwhelmingly, voters are moving in President Trump’s direction. Look at the national polls that show President Trump is in the strongest position ever headed to the general.”


On Unifying The Republican Party:

“Nikki should endorse President Trump. That should have happened a long time ago. And I’m going to let President Trump handle how he wants to approach this. But my focus is on unifying. And Nikki is far behind where the voters have already been, which is we are unified behind President Trump to defeat Joe Biden. So it’s going to be important to have as broad of a coalition as possible, and President Trump has built that in his campaign. You saw Harold Ford talk about the historic support among Hispanic voters, among African American voters and Independents and soft Democrats. And that polling, the fact that 97 percent of Trump voters who voted for him in 2020, are going to vote for him again, that number slips into the 80s for Joe Biden, with 10 percent moving toward President Trump. That’s the election there, folks. And this is going to continue to move in our direction on the issues that matter. If you look at the border crisis, on the economy, on the handling of crime, on the handling of national security, President Trump has a double digit lead, in some cases, over 30 points on each of those main issues. And this is the stage that Joe Biden is going to step on for the State of the Union. There is no resetting his campaign, there is no resetting the failed administration he’s had on those key issues that are important to voters.”


On Trump’s Road Ahead:

“Nobody needs to give President Trump the assignment. He knows that he is putting forth a vision to save this country. And he has shown that in his resounding victory in the primary. This is the strongest Republican primary win ever in modern, American politics, and he should be credited with that. You know, it is clear that Nikki’s campaign did not understand the voters in this situation, and the voters determine the outcome of these primary elections. They’re the most important voices as we head to November, so that’s why you continue to see President Trump resonating with voters. And certainly he’s focused on defeating Joe Biden. That’s what’s at stake this election cycle, and the people know this across the country. I know the media chattering class is going to spend, you know, gallons of ink writing about this, but the rest of us across this country have moved on and understand the stakes of this general election. And why President Trump if you compare the strong economy, the strong national security, the border security under President Trump versus the cabinet, the catastrophic failures of Joe Biden, it is a crystal clear choice this November.”