February 23, 2024

By Katie Daviscourt


Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York delivered a powerful speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, claiming that the US 2024 presidential election is the most important election in American history.

Stefanik encouraged conservatives to stay in the fight for the sanctity of the nation, touted the importance of supporting former President Donald J. Trump in November, and slammed President Biden and the radical left Democrats for destroying the greatest nation on earth.

“We always say that every election is the most important election in our lifetime, but this election truly is. Because in just three short years, Joe Biden and the far-left Democrats have laid waste to our great nation,” said Stefanik.

“For the first time ever, the majority of Americans believe the next generation will be worse off than their parents. This is fundamentally not who we are. The American dream is being destroyed by the radical left, and we are in a country that’s in crisis,” she continued. From Joe Biden’s catastrophic border crisis, to Bidenflation crushing hard-working families, to evil terrorists attacking our most precious ally, Israel, to the shredding of our Constitution, and to the unprecedented illegal and corrupt weaponization of the federal government, We the people must vote to save our hallowed republic.”

Stefanik made it clear that elected officials who have the country’s best interest at heart, unlike the Democrats, never stop fighting for “We the People.”

“The mainstream media, the loyal stenographers of the left, they fundamentally underestimate We the People every day. They underestimate President Donald J. Trump every single day. And I’m proud to say they have underestimated me at every turn. But I will never underestimate the power of you, the power of We the People. Because we know, like President Donald J. Trump knows, that we work for you. Not the arrogant editorial boards, not the cocktail party chattering class, not the entitled swamp. You, the people,” said Stefanik.

The New York Congresswoman went on to tout the accomplishments of the Trump administration and claimed that the Democrat Party will “stop at nothing in their attempt to steal this next election.”

“The life of our country is at stake, and as we all know, the closer President Trump gets to victory, the dirtier the Democrats, their stenographers in the media, and the corrupt prosecutors will get,” said Stefanik.

She slammed the Biden administration for weaponizing the Department of Justice against Donald Trump while turning a blind eye to the Biden family’s alleged illegal foreign business dealings.

“We saw Democrats baselessly impeach President Trump twice. They indicted him four times for non-crimes and are trying to bankrupt him and destroy his successful business,” the congresswoman said.

“The left has gone so far as to desperately try to remove President Trump from the ballot. Why? Because Joe Biden’s approval is in freefall, and they want to take away the vote from you. Meanwhile, you have the corrupt Joe Biden crime family lining their pockets from illegal influence peddling schemes,” said Stefanik

“Yet Democrats in the media like to pretend they are saving democracy but it’s the radical left and the Democrats that are destroying democracy.  We cannot let them, and we won’t let them,” she declared.

Stefanik told the crowd that “America is on the line” and “as we enter this election season, we cannot lose sight of what’s at stake.”
The Congresswoman slammed President Biden for his open border policies that have turned “every state into a border state.” Stefanik said that this has caused crime to flourish and fentanyl to pour into the streets.

However, Stefanik said that the “border crisis is not the only Biden crisis.”

“We are in an economic crisis for hard-working Americans. President Trump left Joe Biden the strongest economy in my lifetime. Millions of new jobs, historic wage growth for blue-collar workers, the lowest unemployment in 50 years, booming US manufacturing, and 15 million Americans lifted out of poverty. Yet Joe Biden and the Democrats quickly destroyed this booming economy by passing trillions of dollars of reckless spending, leading to painful inflation,” she said.

“Now, hardworking young families can’t afford homes, middle-class workers can’t afford groceries. The cost for nearly everything has skyrocketed from car insurance to family pizza night. And President Biden has the audacity to point to Wall Street and claim that the economy is booming and Bidenomics is working. It’s offensive to the American people,” said Stefanik.

But the greatest “Biden crisis” of all, Stefanik said, is the weaponization of the Justice Department.

“It’s one I witness every single day when I defend President Trump from the deep state. And that is the way Democrats attack our democracy,” said the congresswoman.

“We saw it with the Russia collusion hoax. Obama spied and then lied. We saw it with how they unconstitutionally rigged the 2020 election. We saw it when the deep state colluded with big tech and used taxpayer dollars to censor the accurate Hunter Biden laptop story. And we see it today, as unelected liberals try to unconstitutionally remove Trump from the ballot,” said Stefanik.

“And let’s remember, Democrats objected to every Republican president in the 21st century. This is the same justice system that shrugs off the worst corruption we’ve ever seen in the White House from the Biden crime family. Here is a rule of thumb that I know you will agree with. What the Democrats accuse us of, they are guilty of ten times over,” she asserted.

“Here’s why this really matters,” she continued. “If they weaponize the government against President Trump, they can weaponize it against you. And they have. Joe Biden’s weaponized DOJ has targeted Catholics, gun owners, conservatives, and even parents at school board meetings.”

“It’s up to you, my fellow American patriots, to save our republic,” said Stefanik.