Saturday, January 20th, 2024



CONCORD, NH – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox and Friends to discuss the momentum behind President Donald Trump’s campaign on the ground in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary.


Watch Elise’s full interview here.

Read Chairwoman Elise Stefanik’s remarks below:


Chairwoman Stefanik on President Donald Trump’s Momentum

“We are focused today on making sure that we are showing strong support for President Trump. The energy and momentum is on his side. We had a great rally in Concord last night, you can feel the energy and he just is coming off of a historic win in Iowa. And of course, my responsibility right now is I’m proud to be the representative for New York’s 21st congressional district and the House Republican Conference Chair.” 


Chairwoman Stefanik on Releasing the Remaining January 6th Tapes

“Well, it’s an important question, Rachel, I certainly am going to continue to support the Speaker as he is releasing those tapes. The Speaker said he is going to release all of the tapes, I know that we can trust him on his word on that. And transparency is very important here, Rachel, because if you look back to 2020, we know that the treatment of BLM violent rioters is vastly different from the non violent protesters on January 6, so this shows the unequal justice system in our country right now. And it’s one of the reasons why there’s so much growing support for Donald Trump, because they know the system is rigged. And they know that this is the weaponization of the Justice Department of the Federal Government against Joe Biden’s top political opponents. And it’s not just President Trump. It’s conservatives. It’s Catholics. It’s parents. The American people know that deep down.

The Speaker, I think, is engaged in those discussions with Capitol Police. But he said he’s going to release the tapes. He’s going to abide by that. And I fully support that.”


Chairwoman Stefanik on the Continuing Resolution and Raging Biden Border Crisis

“Well, I know that the Speaker’s top priority is securing the border. You know, I represent a border district and in my Northern Border district, I will tell you we’ve had a 550% increase of illegal crossings. And my border district, it’s part of the Swanton Sector, which actually goes up to New Hampshire as well. So these Northern Border states, we’re facing a catastrophic border crisis as well, of course, of the over 8 million illegals that have poured across our Southern Border. The Speaker’s priority in these negotiations is border security. And the House Republicans rally behind him in that priority as he engages in these discussions. And the reality is the House Republicans are going to stand up for border security on behalf of the American people, because we know that is the top concern among Americans, not just Republicans, but Independents and Democrat voters as well.”


Chairwoman Stefanik on President Trump’s Record of Results Compared to Nikki Haley’s Record of Mimicking Democrat Talking Points, Kowtowing to Communist China, and Raising Taxes:

“Well, first of all, the President delivered a historic win in Iowa winning by a larger margin than any other Republican candidate in history. And the momentum is on his side. I will tell you, you know, I represent a cold district. It is bitter cold in New York and people were waiting for hours in support of President Trump last night at the rally. We had the endorsement from Tim Scott, which is so important. You’re seeing people rally in support of President Trump, and we need his strong leadership, especially when we compare it to the weak leadership of Joe Biden. What we do not need is what we’ve seen from Nikki Haley, who on the issue of election integrity, has mimicked Democrat talking points, has betrayed Donald Trump, and betrayed voters. We do not need someone who has bowed to China selling off agricultural land to Communist China when she was governor of South Carolina. And we do not need, especially in the Live Free or Die state, someone who has voted to increase the gas tax who did that as Governor, President Trump’s stands strongly to lower taxes. So these are important issues. And as voters are made aware of these records, you’re seeing the momentum is in support of Donald Trump. And I’m so excited to rally with volunteers today for Super Saturday in Manchester.”