Wednesday, November 29th, 2023


Washington D.C. — House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik appeared on Mornings With Maria on the Fox Business Network to highlight President Trump’s historic lead in recent polling, launching him as the clear nominee for President in 2024. Recent polling shows President Trump is the overwhelming frontrunner for the Republican nomination, leading Joe Biden by +2.6 points in the Real Clear Politics National Polling average. While on air, Chairwoman Stefanik also discussed the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and the harm that Bidenomics has placed on hardworking Americans.

Watch the full interview from Fox Business here.

Chairwoman Elise Stefanik stated –


“Yes, Donald Trump will be the nominee. I am proud to have endorsed Donald Trump, I was the first member of Congress to have endorsed Donald Trump. The polling shows the American people understand what we’ve seen in terms of the leadership. We have weak leadership under Joe Biden. We have the greatest political corruption scandal, it goes up to the big guy who is Joe Biden. Look at the economy. The majority of American people no longer have faith in the American dream. 70% of the American people believe that Bidenomics, which the white house is touting, has been an abysmal failure. When I talk to my constituents at home, inflation is crushing them. We came out of the most expensive Thanksgiving meal of our lifetime. American people are smart. That’s why we’re seeing strong polling for President Trump.”

“…He is the overwhelming frontrunner, presumptive nominee. I would encourage Republicans around the country to rally in support of Donald Trump. Voters are. He’s going to come out of this very quickly as the nominee. He is the presumptive nominee. I’m focused on the general election, focusing on defeating Joe Biden to save this country.”