Saturday, November 4th, 2023


Washington, DC — Today, House GOP Chairwoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement on the unconstitutional and illegal gag order on President Trump and his legal team by a Democrat New York Judge following the reporting of excessive donations from the Judge’s Law Clerk to New York Democrats:

“It’s unconstitutional and illegal to put a GAG order on President Trump and his legal team.

The Far Left Judge’s clerk is a major Democrat donor and operative who has apparently donated more than the yearly limit for a New York Judge’s staff member.

It is illegal and un-American for the Leftist Judge in NY to order that President Trump and his legal team can’t raise issues about the Judge’s biased law clerk — especially when it is very obvious that she is playing an integral role in this case.

This is a dangerous pattern by Democrats across the country to try to muzzle any defendant — let alone the leading Presidential candidate who is leading in all the polls against corrupt Joe Biden. Republicans must join together to fight back against the unprecedented and illegal weaponization of Government against President Trump. I will do everything in my power as the Republican House Conference Chair to stop this madness.”