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By Elise Stefanik (NY-21)

National Police Week only lasts seven days, but its core message should ring true all year round. Our men and women in blue are the epitome of public service and sacrifice, especially in today’s challenging world, and these brave men and women deserve our unwavering support and gratitude. We also honor and remember the fallen law enforcement officers who have laid down their lives in the name of our safety and protection.

Unfortunately, the Far Left Democrats in Albany, Washington, and across the country often take our law enforcement for granted. Over the last few years, anti-police sentiment, coupled with a radical “Defund the Police” movement, have put these brave men and women in unnecessarily tense and dangerous situations. Our communities deserve better, and our law enforcement officers deserve our support.

This week, House Republicans passed the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Service Weapon Purchase Act and the POLICE Act, which I proudly cosponsored. These bills allow federal law enforcement officers to purchase their retired service weapon and make assaulting a police officer a deportable offense under immigration law. The House will pass a resolution supporting law enforcement and condemning calls to defund the police – and amazingly and inexcusably, some House Democrats voted against this resolution. Earlier this year, I also introduced legislation to push back on Far Left Kathy Hochul’s reckless bail reform policies that put communities and law enforcement officers in harm’s way. The SERVE Our Communities Act would provide incentives for states to adopt policies that hold repeat offenders accountable and bolster public safety.

In Upstate New York, we are blessed with some of the best and most courageous law enforcement officers in the state. Their work, dedication, and perseverance has resulted in New York’s 21st Congressional District having one of the lowest crime rates in the country. I am proud to always support and stand strongly with law enforcement, and it is my honor and privilege to fight for them in Congress.

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