April 17, 2023

by Elise Stefanik

In the first 100 days of the new majority, House Republicans have been hard at work fulfilling our commitment to America on behalf of its hardworking people.

Already, House Republicans have passed 59 bills that focus on creating an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable.

Our majority has passed more bills, sent more rule bills to the president’s desk, and had more rule bills signed into law than the Democratic-led 117th Congress did at its 100-day mark. House Republicans have achieved these milestones despite having a Democratic-controlled Senate and White House, even though the 117th Congress had the advantage of one-party rule in Washington.

Even though the legacy media truly underestimated what a House Republican majority could accomplish, we have hit the ground running and set the agenda.

We are moving legislation forward, and the Senate has voted to pass five of our rule bills, sending them to President Joe Biden’s desk. Our agenda has forced Biden to sign three pieces of legislation into law, siding with House Republicans to combat D.C. crime, reveal the full truth behind COVID-19’s origins, and finally end the COVID-19 emergency.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration hasn’t been willing to work with us on other key policies. Biden issued his first veto when he rejected our bipartisan resolution to protect the public’s retirement savings from funding the far-left agenda. This contrast in priorities clearly shows that House Republicans, not this administration, are committed to standing up for our constituents.

Our agenda continues to resonate because we are prioritizing the issues that matter.

We started this Congress by opening the People’s House to the public after Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian lockdowns and repealing Biden’s army of 87,000 IRS agents.

Fifty-nine Democrats even joined House Republicans in passing my legislation, the REIN IN Inflation Act, to hold the Biden administration accountable for its policies fueling inflation. There is no denying every person across our nation has been forced to pay more for just about everything because of this administration’s reckless spending.

By passing the Parents Bill of Rights, House Republicans are ensuring parents, not the government, are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education, and we are protecting their right to know what is going on inside of their children’s classrooms. We are putting parents back in the driver’s seat to create a future that is built on freedom.

We recently passed the Lower Energy Costs Act to put an end to Biden’s far-left, anti-energy agenda that he enacted on his first day in office and ended American energy independence, causing the average price of gas in my district to reach a historic high of over $5 a gallon and creating the highest home heating prices in over two decades. This bill will increase domestic energy production, decrease prices, and restore American energy dominance.

When House Republicans rolled out our Commitment to America ahead of the midterm elections, these are things we promised we would do. One hundred days into our new majority, we are making good on that commitment and delivering results.

The people made their voices heard at the ballot box this November when they voted to put an end to one-party rule in Washington. This is a mandate that House Republicans are taking very seriously to provide a critical check on the Biden administration.

In addition to our legislative agenda, we are fulfilling this mandate through our constitutionally mandated role of oversight. Our majority has held over 235 congressional hearings and heard over 230 testimonies from Biden officials. We have also issued dozens of subpoenas and hundreds of letters requesting information to create a government accountable to the people.

I am honored to be serving on the newly established Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to root out the blatant abuse and political weaponization of Biden’s federal agencies. These historically apolitical groups are being used to target Biden’s political opponents and silence dissenting political voices.

Only 100 days into the new Republican majority, we have truly hit the ground running and already delivered results for the public. And we are just getting started.

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