By Mariann Cabness


NEW YORK (WWTI) — Governor Hochul delivered New York State’s proposed 2024 Budget on Wednesday in Albany. Initiatives in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year include public safety, mental health, housing, education, child care, climate change, health care and transportation.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released a statement regarding the budget, calling it Governor Hochul’s “$227 billion Far Left budget for New York State.”

Stefanik said Governor Hochul isn’t prioritizing the citizens of New York and has given the state the most expensive budget in its history. The congresswoman reacted to bail reform, energy policies and illegal immigration in her statement.

“In the midst of New York’s violent crime crisis, she is refusing to fully end failed bail reform. In pursuit of her unconstitutional gun-grabbing agenda, she is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to shred New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights.

She is doubling down on more Far Left Green New Deal policies, including advancing her radical gas stove ban, which is not for hardworking families in Upstate New York and the North Country, whose pocketbooks are already bearing the brunt of Hochul’s energy war.

Hochul’s priorities are clearly out of touch with hardworking New Yorkers, which is made even more clear with the more than $1 billion increase to support the wave of illegal immigrants in New York City with taxpayer dollars over the needs of New York families, which will further incentivize illegal immigration to New York.

New York communities are already suffering because of failed policies from Albany, and Kathy Hochul has only proven she is committed to making them worse. I will work tirelessly in the new Republican majority in Congress to provide a critical check on Hochul’s failed policies on behalf of hardworking families in Upstate New York and the North Country.”- CONGRESSWOMAN ELISE STEFANIK REGARDING THE 2024 NEW YORK STATE BUDGET


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