by Spencer Brown

As more questions than answers develop in response to revelations that then-former Vice President Joe Biden took and stored classified government documents in his private office, GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is setting the tone for Republican lawmakers.

Stefanik, now charged with organizing the House’s Republican majority, reacted to Biden’s latest muck-up on Tuesday morning.

“Where is the FBI raid on the Joe Biden crime family after the revelations that he stole classified materials while serving as Vice President and stored these documents at Biden’s ‘think tank’ that has received over $50 million in Chinese gifts?” Stefanik asked rhetorically while sharing her reaction to the news exclusively with Townhall.

As Townhall reported on Monday night, classified documents were found in Biden’s post-VP private office housed in the Biden Penn Center’s Washington, D.C., offices. The think tank affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania was created by and for Biden as something of a waiting room for Obama’s VP as he figured out his next steps.

As an honorary professor at UPenn, Biden collected nearly $1 million despite rarely teaching.

In a report last April, The New York Post noted that the University of Pennsylvania faced scrutiny from watchdog groups over more than $54 million in donations from China — $23.1 million of which were reportedly anonymous gifts — most of which were received after UPenn announced it was creating the Biden Penn Center.

The Biden DOJ directed a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in Illinois to review the documents, but the idea of Joe Biden’s DOJ deciding whether to further investigate Joe Biden for keeping official, classified records in his private office after leaving the office of the vice president.

“The American people do not trust Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice who have consistently tipped the scale of justice to fulfill their political ambitions and attack their political opponents,” GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik also told Townhall on Tuesday. “Joe Biden and his corrupt DOJ must be held accountable,” she urged.

Now in the majority, Stefanik and House Republicans have a better shot than they have so far during Biden’s tenure to conduct oversight of his administration and hold the president and his senior officials accountable.

Already, Republican chairs on the Oversight and Judiciary committees have laid out plans for investigations into President Biden, his family’s influence peddling, and his administration’s politicization of federal bureaucracy including the Justice Department.

With the news that Biden had breached the same policies and protocols that he attacked former President Trump as “irresponsible” for breaching, Republicans have no shortage of work ahead of them when it comes to investigating Biden’s actions and his administration’s handling of alleged wrongdoing.

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