Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SCHOHARIE COUNTY—Today, 76 Schoharie County elected officials, including Republicans,Independents, and Conservatives endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. This includes one or moreelected officials from every town in Schoharie County.

“I am excited to be voting for Congresswoman Stefanik this November,” said William Federice, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (R)“Elise has always fought for her constituents and brought their concerns to the highest levels of government. Schoharie County is fortunate that she will be our representative in the next Congress. She has been leading the effort to bring justice to the families of the deadly Schoharie limo crash. With Elise as our representative, we are in good hands and that is why she has my full support.”

“This November I will be voting for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to represent Schoharie County, Upstate New York and the North Country,” said Alicia Terry Supervisor, Town of Gilboa (C). “Elise is willing to work with anyone to achieve results for Upstate New York and North Country farms. She knows that family farmers are the backbone of our community and economy here in Schoharie County. In Congress, Elise has fought to deliver meaningful results for them. That is why I look forward to working hard in the day ahead to ensure that she is our representative.”

“I am honored and humbled to have received the support of 76 Schoharie County elected official. They all know that I am a fighter who will deliver real results for them. I have been working for years to hold the FBI accountable for the deadly Schoharie limousine crash. When Republicans earn back the house delivering justice for those families devastated by that tragic event will be one of my top concerns. In the next Congress, I will work with each of these elected officials to deliver real results for Schoharie, Upstate New York and the North Country,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

The full list of 76 Schoharie County elected officials is below:

Ronald Stevens, Sheriff, Schoharie County

Indy Jaycox, County Clerk, Schoharie County

MaryAnn Wollaber-Bryan, Treasurer, Schoharie County

Donald Airey, Town Supervisor, Blenheim

Anne Mattice-Strauch, Town Council Member, Blenheim

Renee Grabowski, Town Council Member, Blenheim

Robin Alley, Town Clerk, Blenheim

Stephen Weinhofer, Town Supervisor, Broome

Jason Wayman, Superintendent of Highways, Broome

Jacqueline Wood, Town Council Member, Broome

Bob Mohlenbrook, Town Council Member, Broome

Dave Wood, Town Council Member, Broome

John Leavitt, Town Supervisor, Carlisle

Stacy Bruyette, Town Clerk, Carlisle

Katie Schweigard, Town Council Member, Carlisle

David Laraway, Town Council Member, Carlisle

Michael Broadwell, Superintendent of Highways, Carlisle

Werner Hampel, Town Supervisor, Cobleskill

Alan Rubin, Town Council Member, Cobleskill

RJ Mallery, Town Council Member, Cobleskill

Werner Hampel, Town Council Member, Cobleskill

Rebecca Stanton-Terk, Mayor, Village of Cobleskill

Thomas Johnstone, Trustee, Village of Cobleskill

Lance Rotolo, Trustee, Village of Cobleskill

William Federice, Town Supervisor, Conesville

Bill Amend, Superintendent of Highways, Conesville

Laurel Mattice, Town Council Member, Conesville

Kelly Smith, Town Council Member, Conesville

Robert Proudman Jr., Town Council Member, Conesville

Earl VanWormer III, Town Supervisor, Esperance

Barbara Sharpe, Town Council Member, Esperance

Harold Conklin, Town Council Member, Esperance

Royce Gage, Mayor, Village of Esperance

Richard Mix, Town Council Member, Fulton

Albert Hodder, Town Council Member, Fulton

Bradford Burgett, Town Council Member, Fulton

Marcy Sammons, Town Council Member, Fulton

Alicia Terry, Town Supervisor, Gilboa

John Wyckoff, Superintendent of Highways, Gilboa

Dorothy Pickett, Town Council Member, Gilboa

Peggy Hait, Town Supervisor, Jefferson

Kevin McMahon, Town Council Member, Jefferson

Donald VanValkenburgh, Town Council Member, Jefferson

Kenneth Cole, Town Council Member, Jefferson

Wes Laraway, Town Supervisor, Middleburgh

Renee Schmidt, Town Clerk, Middleburgh

John Youmans, Town Council Member, Middleburgh

Gerald Coppolo, Town Council Member, Middleburgh

Jeffrey Haslun, Town Supervisor, Richmondville

Brian Manchester, Superintendent of Highways, Richmondville

Eric Haslun, Town Council Member, Richmondville

Harry Rode, Town Council Member, Richmondville

Todd Sperbeck, Town Council Member, Richmondville

Carl Warner, Mayor, Village of Richmondville

Milan Jackson, Trustee, Village of Richmondville

Hope Bayes, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Richmondville

Alan Tavenner, Town Supervisor, Schoharie

Pamela Foland, Town Clerk, Schoharie

Les Foland, Superintendent of Highways, Schoharie

Floyd Guernsey III, Town Council Member, Schoharie

Ben Oevering, Town Council Member, Schoharie

Lawrence Caza, Mayor, Village of Schoharie

Jeffrey Palmer, Trustee, Village of Schoharie

Earlin Rosa, Town Supervisor, Seward

Duane Tillapaugh, Town Council Member, Seward

David Russell, Town Council Member, Seward

William Barbic III, Superintendent of Highways, Sharon

Carl Ullman, Town Council Member, Sharon

Bryan McFadden, Town Council Member, Sharon

Harold Vroman, Town Supervisor, Summit

Barbara VanValkenburg, Town Clerk, Summit

Georgia Shafer, Town Council Member, Summit

David Kearney, Town Council Member, Summit

Fern Kovak, Town Council Member, Summit

Brian Handy, Town Council Member, Summit

Jim Goblet, Town Council Member, Wright