Thursday, September 15, 2022

ESSEX COUNTY—Today, 65 Essex County elected officials, including Republicans, Independents, and Democrats endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election. This is the highest number of endorsements the Congresswoman has ever received from local elected officials in Essex County, and includes one or more local elected officials from every town in Essex County.

“I am endorsing Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election because she is a stalwart advocate for the North Country,” said Shaun Gillilland, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (R). “Her support for agriculture, individual liberties – including 2nd amendment rights, border issues, veteran’s programs, and support for the active military have and continue to be strong, outstanding, and absolutely impressive. She has made a positive impact on all the citizens of the North Country. She is always available, approachable, and positively responsive to our needs. The 21st Congressional District could not have a better representative in Congress, and an intensely alert sentinel to defend our freedoms.”

“Since she was first elected, Congresswoman Stefanik has made true on her promise to deliver results to Upstate New York and the North Country, and these are results we can continue to see here in Essex County,” said Thomas Scozzafava, Moriah Town Supervisor, (R).Just recently, she successfully advocated for $1 million federal to support North Country Community College, and this funding will go directly towards updating nursing labs right here in our community. Our communities in Essex County are grateful for all that Elise does for us, and I look forward to supporting her re-election this year so that she can continue delivering results for our families.”

“As a life-long Democrat who recently won re-election as a Republican, I am proud to endorse Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election,” said Robin DeLoria, Newcomb Town Supervisor (R). “The Congresswoman has remained laser-focused on delivering for our communities here in Essex County and all of Upstate New York and the North Country. Whether it’s been fighting for our farmers or her leadership to secure key funding for CFES Brilliant Pathways in Essex County that supports 4,000 local high school students, Essex County is stronger because of the results Elise has delivered. I look forward to supporting Congresswoman so that she can continue to advocate for our communities at the highest levels in Washington.”

“I’m honored to earn record endorsements of local elected officials in Essex County. Whether it’s with a Republican, Independent, or Democrat I’ve worked closely with our local elected officials to deliver for our communities in the North Country and Upstate New York. I look forward to continuing to work with local leaders in Essex County and throughout NY-21 to deliver real results for our families,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

The full list of 65 Essex County elected officials is below:

David Reynolds, Sheriff, Essex County

Michael Diskin, Treasurer, Essex County

Joseph Provoncha, Clerk, Essex County

Clayton Barber, Town Supervisor, Chesterfield

Bruce Bourgeois, Town Clerk, Chesterfield

John “Jay” Champine Jr, Superintendent of Highways, Chesterfield

Walter Worth, Town Council Member, Crown Point

Sherlene Simpson-Barrows, Town Council Member, Crown Point

John Wayman, Town Council Member, Crown Point

Bruce Burns, Superintendent of Highways, Crown Point

Noel Merrihew III, Town Supervisor, Elizabethtown

Ben Morris, Town Council Member, Elizabethtown

Michael Drew, Superintendent of Highways, Elizabethtown

Ronald Jackson, Town Council Member, Essex

Alicia Kelly, Town Clerk, Essex

Tom McDonald, Town Council Member, Jay

Stephen Forbes, Town Council Member, Jay

Carol Greenley-Hackel, Town Clerk, Jay

Lori Ducharme, Tax Collector, Jay

David Deyo, Town Council Member, Keene

Kimberly Smith, Town Clerk, Keene

Peter Holderied, Village Trustee, Lake Placid

James Monty, Town Supervisor, Lewis

Stephen Denton Jr., Town Council Member, Lewis

Pamela Williams, Town Clerk, Lewis

Kevin Denton, Superintendent of Highways, Lewis

David LaBar, Town Council Member, Minerva

John Fish, Superintendent of Highways, Minerva

Thomas Scozzafava, Town Supervisor, Moriah

Matthew Brassard, Town Council Member, Moriah

Thomas Anderson, Town Council Member, Moriah

Nathan Gilbo, Town Council Member, Moriah

Paul Salerno, Town Council Member, Moriah

Rose French, Town Clerk, Moriah

Kellie Valentine, Coroner, Moriah

Robin DeLoria, Town Supervisor, Newcomb

Donald Bott, Town Council Member, Newcomb

Mary Pound, Town Clerk, Newcomb

Cliff Demars, Superintendent of Highways, Newcomb

Karen Darrah, Tax Collector, Newcomb

Laurie Dudley, Town Clerk, North Elba

Kenneth Porter, Superintendent of Highways, North Elba

Stephanie DeZalia, Town Supervisor, North Hudson

Brian Caza, Town Council Member, North Hudson

Kenneth Foster, Superintendent of Highways, North Hudson

Richard Gero, Town Council Member, Schroon

Leanna Welch, Town Council Member, Schroon

Sheridan Swinyer, Town Council Member, St. Armand

Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk, St. Armand

Douglas Snickles Jr., Superintendent of Highways, St. Armand

Mark Wright, Town Supervisor, Ticonderoga

Salvatore Barnao, Superintendent of Highways, Ticonderoga

Michael (Ike) Tyler, Town Supervisor, Westport

David Kirkby, Town Council Member, Westport

Barry Morrison, Town Council Member, Westport

Kate Simmer, Town Clerk, Westport

Shaun Gillilland, Town Supervisor, Willsboro

Lorilee Sheehan , Town Council Member, Willsboro

Lane Sayward, Town Council Member, Willsboro

Travis Crowningshield, Superintendent of Highways, Willsboro

Roy Holzer, Town Supervisor, Wilmington

Darin Forbes, Deputy Supervisor, Wilmington

Tina Preston, Town Council Member, Wilmington

Paula McGreevy, Town Council Member, Wilmington

Dawn Stevens, Town Clerk, Wilmington