Monday, September 12, 2022

GLENS FALLS, NY—Today, following Far-Left Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli’s virtual press conference on his so-called platform as a ‘Moderate Party’ candidate, Senior Advisor to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Alex DeGrasse released the following statement: 

“There is nothing moderate about Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli supporting raising taxes on hardworking North Country families during a recession. There is nothing moderate about Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli supporting an unconstitutional gun ban. There is nothing moderate about Downstate Democrat accepting the endorsement from Kathy Hochul and trying to hide it from voters. There is nothing moderate about Joe Biden supporting Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli period. This Downstate Democrat is desperately trying to trick voters into pretending to be a Moderate when the reality is, that due to redistricting, he was able to collect the vast majority of the same signatures from Far-Left Democrats as he did on his Democrat line. He has repeatedly lied to the media about the number of voters who have signed his petition to be on the ballot. Voters know Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli has zero ties to Upstate New York and desperately signed a short-term lease. This Downstate Democrat clearly ran for Congress in an attempt to escape the consequences for his drinking and inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace as reported by his previous employer.”

Additional Statements:

On Law Enforcement and Blue Lives Matter:

“There is a reason why Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been endorsed by every law enforcement union and there is a reason why Downstate Democrat Matt Castelli has exactly ZERO law enforcement union endorsements. It’s because Elise Stefanik proudly Backs the Blue whereas her Downstate Democrat opponent supports Kathy Hochul’s failed bailed reform and has publicly participated with Defund the Police organizations.”

On Bail Reform:

“With less than 60 days to go, this Downstate Democrat from Poughkeepsie sees his polling plummeting and is desperately attempting to erase his support for Kathy Hochul and her failed bail reform causing crime to skyrocket in New York State. While Congresswoman Stefanik has been a consistent and outspoken opponent of Albany Democrats’ radical bail reform making our communities less safe, Castelli has embraced Democrats’ bail reform and is only trying to desperately hide his radical views. Voters are smart. It’s why every law enforcement union has endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and why exactly ZERO law enforcement unions have endorsed her opponent, the Far-Left Downstate Democrat from Poughkeepsie.”