July 10th, 2022

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) recently introduced legislation to require American flags displayed on federal property or procured by federal agencies to be manufactured completely in the U.S. from U.S. materials.

“The American flag is an enduring symbol that represents the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and a way to show our patriotism,” Stefanik said. “Several small businesses across America, including in Upstate New York and the North Country, share their American pride by making and selling flags. I am proud to support their important work and ensure American flags used by the federal government are completely made in the USA.”

“Congresswoman Stefanik’s proposed bill to require the display of American-made USA flags on taxpayer-funded properties provides a beacon of hope to unify our nation. Introducing this bill so close to Independence Day reinforces that this flag, our Star Spangled Banner, remains an inspiration as the most universally recognized symbol for independence, liberty, and freedom,” said Julye Spinelli, of the Saratoga Flag Company. “The American flag embodies the values and sacrifices made by all Americans, civilians and veterans, since the American Revolution.

“Our diverse American laborers produce the highest-quality, most durable flags, right here in the USA. A majority of the flag industry is comprised of small, independent, family-owned businesses; the bedrock of the American workforce. This bill succeeds in setting the standard for which all Americans should embrace with pride and enthusiasm for America.”

The Make American Flags in America Act also requires the Federal Trade Commission to conduct a study on the enforcement and violations of country-of-origin labeling requirements for American flags sold in the U.S. to ensure integrity of American-made products for consumers.

According to the Flag Manufacturers Association of American, 94% of American flags are manufactured in the U.S. Currently, 100% of flags bought by the Department of Defense are manufactured in the U.S., but other federal agencies are only required to purchase flags that are only 50% manufactured in the U.S.

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