By Colin Green

In a desperate attempt to shift the conversation from issues the American people care about such as rising gas prices, bidenflation, the immigration crisis on the southern border, the massive influx of narcotics, the out-of-control crime wave, etc., House Democrats held primetime hearings to rehash the events on Jan. 6 with the stated goal of grouping republican lawmakers with those who stormed the capital. The dramatic monologues and emotion-filled testimonies provided no additional information to the American people, rather they were cover to drown out legitimate questions posed by the opposition. Rep. Stefanik has led the Republican effort to cast the Democrat’s partisan hearings for what they are, a distraction from the Biden administration’s catastrophic performance and the American rejection of their liberal policies. In contrast, Rep. Stefanik is continuing to work hard for the American people, and legislate on issues plaguing our nation.

Colin Green
Lake Placid, NY

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