June 9th, 2022, By Luca Cacciatore

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., toldNewsmaxon Thursday — hours before the first Capitol riot prime-time hearing — that the Jan. 6 House select committee overseeing it is engaged in a “partisan, political witch hunt” against Republicans.

During an interview on “Spicer & Co.,” the chair of the House Republican Conference called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for leading the charge.

Pelosi “has only appointed her political allies to attack (former President) Donald Trump, to attack his voters and supporters, and to attack Republican members of Congress who have real questions when it comes to election integrity.

“Republicans condemned the violence on Jan. 6, just like we condemned the violence throughout the entire summer of 2020 when riots and destruction across the country targeted federal buildings,” she continued. “The Democrats did not condemn that violence. Instead, they continue to obsess over this Jan. 6 witch hunt.”

Stefanik further claimed that the Jan. 6 panel is, by its nature, “illegitimate” because Democrats did not allowthe minority party to appoint members on the committee.

Previously, Pelosi rejected two Republicans— both strong Trump defenders —selectedfor the panel by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio both votedagainst certifying the 2020 election results.

“That’s important because like we saw during the (Trump) impeachment part 1, which was conducted in the basement bunker under (Democratic Rep.) Adam Schiff’s leadership, there were still Republicans in that room,” the GOP leader noted.

“We were able to cross-examine the witnesses. We were able to look at all the evidence. That’s not what is happening here today.”

Stefanik also pointed out the prime-time airing of the hearing, which she said was abnormal for how most House committees operate. She alleged the reason for the public 8 p.m. EDT time slot was an attempt to “shift the narrative.”

It’s “the narrative of the fact their policies are failing when it comes to issues that actually matter,” she said. “When I talk to voters in my constituency, issues like inflation, the border crisis, the baby formula shortage, the list goes on of issues they don’t want to talk about.

“Wouldn’t it be really wonderful if the Democrats focused on those issues instead?” Stefanikasked. “But they’re failing to do so and instead engaging in this partisan witch hunt.”

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