May 23rd, 2022

By Rebecca Downs

The mainstream media has been going after Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who also serves as the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, for some time now. It’s what they do to the Republican Party, after all. But the most recent attacks have been particularly ruthless, as they’ve claimed thatthe congresswoman wants babies to starve without formula, and that she evenis to blame for the tragic shooting in Buffalo.

The Washington Post has playeda significant roleinclaiming thata Facebook ad from September 2021 was in favor of the replacement theory and is to blame for the shooting in Buffalo that occurred at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood.

The Lincoln Project and those affiliated with the group have tweeted at length about Stefanik in recent weeks. On Monday, though, they took it up a notch by releasing an ad against her, which is now the group’s pinned tweet.

The ad refers to how Stefanik is a “climber” and “ruthless,” and calls her a back-stabber, even claiming she has “a plan” to replace House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as the House Speaker. That “plan” apparently entails to “become the leader of the ultra MAGA, GOP, QANON, pedophiles, conspiracies, and hate.” 

It even goes after Stefanik’s donors, including PwC, Home Depot, and Altria, and then claims Stefanik uses those donations to run ads like the Facebook ad referenced above. The narrator then goes on to more directly connect Stefanik to the shooting. “Buffalo paid in blood for the white replacement theory [Stefanik] promotes for power. Elise doesn’t care and won’t stop selling racial hatred. There is a word for Elise Stefanik: evil.”

The Lincoln Project had similarly bullied other donors last year,as they didin July with Toyota.

It’s also particularly rich that the Lincoln Project would accuse a sitting member of Congress involved in House leadership as being in-line with pedophiles. For the group’s own co-founder John Weaver,has been accused of soliciting male interns, including ones who were underage.

Greg Sargent, who has now written hit-piece columns against Stefanik for two weeks in a row, promoted the ad and his piece about it at length over Twitter.

In a statement for Townhall, Senior Adviser Alex DeGrassse noted that “Congresswoman Stefanik remains focused on delivering real results to her constituents to address the crushing inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, and record crime in New York State.”

DeGrasse also went after the Lincoln Project and Democratic candidates running to unseat Rep. Stefanik.

“Democrat candidates across the country plead that the vicious Never Trump Lincoln Project funded by Hollywood Leftists not get involved in their districts because they know the deranged Far Left radical group was founded by a Confederate sympathizer and known sexual predator who preyed on teenage boys; however Far Left Democrat candidates Matt Castelli and Matt Putorti are so desperate that they are more than happy to accept the involvement of this Never Trump group that faked a KKK rally,” he said. “Every voter in her district knows this ad is the latest desperate filth and lies and that it will backfire just like every other deranged and vicious ad the Never Trump pedo grifters have run in our district and across America.”

With the losing record that the Lincoln Project is known to have, though, Matt Castelli and Matt Putorti must be pretty desperate indeed.

The organization has quitethe losing recordwhen it comes to U.S. Senate races, but also in Virginia’s statewide races last year. Last October, shortly before the November elections, the group took partin a bizarre stuntreminiscent of the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. People dressed in khakis and white shirts carrying tiki torches, including a woman and black man, claimed to support Glenn Youngkin. The Lincoln Project latertook creditthat same night.

The Lincoln Project had alsoreleased an adclaiming that Youngkin was opposed to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and made it such a major campaign issue because he wanted to refer to black people using a racial slur.

Youngkin went on to beat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

In the upcoming midterm races, the Lincoln Project is getting involved in the Ohio Senate race, where J.D. Vance is facing-off against Tim Ryan. Even Ryan’s communications director begged the group to stay out of the race.

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