By Donna Csete

The catastrophe at our southern border has amounted to a crisis like never before. The Biden Administration has failed our nation in theworst possible way, by risking our national security. In lifting Title 42, the BidenAdministration’s sending a clear message to cartels, human traffickers, andcriminal organizations that they are welcome to come into our country starting May 23rd.

With already historic illegal immigration numbers, migrant deaths due to border crossing, and fentanyl deaths of US citizens, we need to secure the border NOW more than ever. On Monday, Congresswoman Stefanik and other republicanrepresentatives made a trip to the border to witness the tragedy firsthand. Stefanik stated thecrisis was“heartbreaking” to see in real-time and is calling on the Biden Administration to fix the failedpolicy they have put in place and continue to support. We deserve a secure border, and the horror going on at our southern border is only going to get worse as Title 42 runs out.

Thank you, Congresswoman Stefanik, for fighting for my children, grandchildren and our country’s safety.

Donna Csete, Rome

See the Rome Sentinel page here.