By Patricia Copperwheat

Recently, Rome’s Air Force Research Lab has been in the process of expanding its operation in the field of photonic quantum computing research. This area of research is essential to not only our economy but our national security as well. Quantum computers are millions of times faster than the laptop you have sitting at home.

The problem is they often require temperature-controlled rooms set to frigid temperatures. This is because the process of quantum computing generates a lot of heat. Thus, vast amounts of power are needed to keep the systems cool. However, research into photonic quantum computing could lead to a breakthrough that would allow information to be carried on photons-particles of light. This would significantly reduce the amount of heat generated by quantum computers.

Thus, drastically lowering the costs of operating the computers. This would be a massive breakthrough for the United States and would give us a significant edge over other world players. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has most recently secured $25 million to support the lab in these endeavors. This is on top of the millions she has previously secured. This research is critically important, and I’m glad to be represented by someone who understands its importance. In helping Rome’s AFRL, we will see the area gain some credibility on the national and maybe even the world stage.

Patricia Copperwheat, Oriskany

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