By: Tammie Knight

The issue of rural broadband has been at the forefront of our local community’s struggles for far too long. New York State is much more than just New York City, which is frequently all that politicians like Kathy Hochul are interested in.

In recent news, we have seen a shift in attention to the state’s fiber fee issue that has negatively impacted our upstate — rural communities. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has championed getting rid of the fees. The state’s fiber fee has obstructed the growth of our small rural communities, leaving us with unreasonably high internet prices.

Access to the internet has become a necessity in our modern society. With the fiber fee now repealed, our communities will have more opportunities to flourish in the ever-changing society. Elise Stefanik will continue to advocate for our small towns, and I am excited to have her as our next representative.

— Tammie Knight, Verona

See Rome Sentinel page here.