Stefanik pledges to stand with Senator Grassley to hold the media accountable for their ‘cover-up and censorship’ of the Hunter Biden scandal

SARATOGA, NY—Yesterday,TownhallexclusivelyreportedthatGOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik has endorsed U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley for re-election in Iowa. Citing his advocacy for Iowans and his hard-fought work to “root out waste and corruption”, Congresswoman Stefanik praised Senator Grassley’s leadership on investigating the Biden family’s crimes:

“Since 2019, Grassley has worked tirelessly to uncover deeply troubling financial entanglements of the Biden family and the communist Chinese regime,” Stefanik notes of Grassley’s work to get to the truth of the business dealings of Hunter and James Biden and how President Biden may have been involved.

Noting that “the liberal media is starting to wake up to the Grassley investigation,” Stefanik says in her endorsement that she’s “proud to join Senator Grassley in calling the media out for their blatant cover-up and censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal.”

Stefanik also pledges — as Grassley’s investigation of the Biden family has — to “hold this administration” as well as “the president and his family accountable” when Republicans are in the majority. “The cavalry is coming.”

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