Saratoga, NY—Team Elise released the following statement today after Henry Rogers from the Daily Caller reported and obtained videos of NY-21 Never Trump “Republican” Lonny Koons illegally forging multiple voter signatures in an attempt to qualify as a candidate for office.

EXCLUSIVE: Never Trump Candidate Seen Illegally Forging Petition Signatures In Parking Lot In Effort To Run Against Elise Stefanik


March 31, 2022
Dutchess County Republican Elections Commissioner Erik Haight told the Caller, “I watched the video several times. Honestly, in disbelief. It’s shockingly brazen. It’s such a violation of the public’s trust to be forging voters’ signatures on an official document that eventually is going to be filed with the government entity, the State Board of Elections. And he’s perpetrating a fraud on the electoral system. Frankly, if this candidate files those petitions, he should be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law and it is a felony, and every time he affixes someone else’s signature to his petition.”

“It’s a crime,” said Haight. “And frankly, if he does file these fraudulent petitions, he’s playing with fire and people have been imprisoned for that crime,” Haight continued.

Haight also serves as the Chairman of the Republican Commissioners Caucus of the Elections Commissioners Association.“Well, again, having watched that video several times. You know, because I don’t accuse people of crimes lightly. And if I wasn’t certain that he was committing a felony by forging those people’s signatures, I wouldn’t say it. The video speaks for itself. It is shockingly obvious that he’s forging their signatures. To deny it is to deny a fact,” Haight added.
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You can view the videos here and here.

Stefanik Campaign Statement:

“Any candidate filing for federal elected office should be held to the highest standards of election integrity. There is no more egregious act breaking the sacred trust with voters than illegally forging signatures to qualify as a candidate for office. It is an affront to the thousands of local volunteers and hardworking staff who over the years have carried Congresswoman Stefanik’s petitions in the freezing cold, hail, sleet, rain, and snow storms in the North Country to ensure we exceed the signature requirement. It explicitly disenfranchises voters in our district of their constitutional rights. This is a serious crime and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must stand up for election integrity and security in our country.”