March 8, 2022

A local congresswoman, presses the FBI for answers on the tragic Schoharie limo crash, that claimed the lives of 20 people more than three years ago.

Republican Elise Stefanik- grilled bureau director Christopher Wray about why the FBI had turned a blind eye to the long history of negligence of the limo company and its owner, Shahid Hussain, a longtime FBI informant.

“This FBI informant had multiple run ins with the law and various state and federal agencies, that miraculously were brushed away again and again and again.”

Does the FBI allow an informant to engage in criminal behavior that is not related to the case, in this case, anti terrorism cases or investigations that they are informing on yes or no?

Stefanik made the case that Shahid Hussain had lied on tax returns and immigration papers, misled FBI handlers, committed bankruptcy fraud and repeatedly violated New York transportation laws–all while he was an FBI informant. She said the limo tragedy could have been avoided if the FBI had addressed his illegal activities.

Attorney Cynthia LaFave- who represented victims’ estates in court- says, the FBI should come clean with what they know.

These families suffered a horrible tragedy, it was definitely due to a lot of people’s negligence – and they deserve to know, what actually happened. There is no reason to protect someone because he is an informant for the FBI.

Stefanik closed her line of questioning with a push for accountability, saying she will subpona all FBI documents related to Shahid Hussain and his businesses as well as the limo crash if the FBI does not turn them over.

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