February 26, 2022 by Mike Gwizdala

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. — Following redistricting, New York’s Congressional map has changed. Hence, members of New York’s Congressional delegation are becoming acquainted with new constituents. That’s true for Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik, who made her first official tour of Rensselaer County with a visit to Herrington Farms in Brunswick earlier this week.

The area was formerly part of NY-19 and represented by Democratic Rep. Antonio Delgado.

While the district is new to Stefanik, she’s no stranger to local farms, having represented Washington and Warren and other counties around the North Country.

Stefanik, who has represented NY-21 since 2015, expressed her excitement about meeting new constituents.

“It’s great to be here in the Town of Brunswick and Rensselaer County. Agriculture is a huge priority of mine since I’ve represented the north country. I represent thousands of hard-working dairy farmers and this is going to continue to be a priority in the next Congress. We have the farm bill coming up in the next Congress. So my office is known for working with our local stakeholders, working with our agriculture leaders to deliver results that they need, because it is the lifeblood, it is the backbone of our local upstate and north country economy,” Stefanik remarked on her background working with rural farmers.

Stefanik also outlined her priorities and what her constituents can hope to expect from her in Washington.

“For the new voters in Rensselaer County, you should know that I am a worker who is always laser-focused on delivering results to you. Whether it’s helping our veterans, helping our seniors, I have a record of making sure that your priorities and your concerns have a seat at the highest levels of government,” Stefanik explained.

Furthermore, Stefanik addressed issues and concerns she said she’s been hearing from constituents from throughout her district.

“What I’m hearing across the district, whether it’s Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, or Rensselaer County, is people are suffering under the failed far-left, one-party, Democrat rule in Washington right now. You see inflation continuing to skyrocket, the highest rate of inflation growth since over my lifetime, since before I was born. The price of gas continues to go up. That has an impact on every family in my district when they go to the gas pump. Groceries, you go to the grocery store, you ask any mom, she will tell you grocery prices are way up. You ask dads, they’ll say that too,” Stefanik noted.

“So, we are seeing crisis after crisis under these failed policies from Albany and Washington, which is why I am so focused on making sure that we have strong, common-sense results-focused, Republican leadership for New York’s twenty-first congressional district,” Stefanik added on her commitment.

Brunswick Town Supervisor and co-owner of Herrington Farms, Phillip Herrington, expressed his excitement to have someone like Stefanik and her agricultural know-how representing his district.

“We’re thrilled, we’re a family farm. My brother, myself, my nephew, and my niece right now. We milk like 750 cows,” Herrington said.

“I know that some people might not be thrilled about [redistricting] but Herrington Farms is thrilled to have Elise represent us! We know her background, she understands farming, she’s a fighter,” Herrington added.

Echoing those sentiments with elation was Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin, who also welcomed Stefanik to the county with open arms.

“For us here in Rensselaer County, we are more than thrilled to be getting Congresswoman Stefanik as one of our representatives. I was hoping that would happen in the redistricting process and absolutely thrilled that it did happen,” McLaughlin opined.

“Congresswoman Stefanik and I shared Washington County for a little bit when I was in the Assembly and that’s when we first met. In fact, one of the first times we met was at a milking contest at the fair up there in Washington County. She did great and she’s continued to do amazing things,” McLaughlin continued on their working relationship.

“Her record speaks for itself in Congress and the way she has risen through the ranks really quite rapidly is a testament to her hard work and her intelligence and her dedication to her job and to the people of her district. Rensselaer County is a very big agricultural county, as is most of upstate New York. So to have Congresswoman Stefanik as our voice in Washington is just going to be nothing but spectacular for us, so we’re thrilled that she’s coming to represent us! We know she’s gonna win in a landslide again as she always does but we’re absolutely thrilled to have her!” McLaughlin added regarding having Stefanik represent the district.

Stefanik also commented on other issues of the day, including the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Stefanik called Russian leader Vladimir Putin a” thug.” Additionally, she called for harsher economic sanctions against the Russian state but stopped short of advocating for sending U.S. troops into the battle. Stefanik also blamed the Biden Administration for, “feckless leadership” in emboldening the Russian regime to invade Ukraine.

When asked if she intends to put her hat in the ring if asked to become House Speaker by her caucus, should Republicans re-take control of the House after this November’s Congressional mid-term election, Stefanik, the third-ranking House Republican reiterated that she is supporting Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker.

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