February 24, 2022 by Jack Gournell

ep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., on Thursdaydoubled down on her criticism of President Joe Biden after ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl accused her of being tougher on the American president than Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“After just one year of a weak, feckless, and unfit President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief, the world is less safe,” Stefanik said in an official statement that she then tweeted.

“Rather than peace through strength, we are witnessing Joe Biden’s foreign policy of war through weakness. For the past year, our adversaries around the world have been assessing and measuring Joe Biden’s leadership on the world stage, and he has abysmally failed on every metric.”

Stefanik goes on to say she joins “the American people in praying for the safety of innocent Ukrainians as they endure an unwarranted and unjustified invasion by a gutless, bloodthirsty, authoritarian dictator. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and deranged thug. We must stand with democracies under assault.”

Karl retweeted Stefanik’s statement, saying: “In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the number three Republican in the House puts out a statement that spends more time attacking the American president than Vladimir Putin.”

In a written response, Stefanik doubled down on her criticism of Biden, telling Newsmax, “Just one month ago, President Biden and his administration served as Putin and the Kremlin’s lobbyist when they lobbied AGAINST the GOP’s Russia sanctions bill!”

“President Biden’s weakness on the world stage has emboldened our adversaries,” she said. “Look no further than Ukraine and Afghanistan. The world is less safe because of his failed leadership. I will say it again: Putin is a deranged thug and authoritarian war criminal.

“The liberal media, who pushed the Russia hoax, is now serving as Joe Biden’s stenographers and melting down over the truth that Biden’s weakness has caused the world to be less safe. And the American people know it.”

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