February 22, 2022 by Emma Quinn

New York State (WRGB) — Congresswomen Elise Stefanik has created a resource portal to hear from parents regarding education issues and challenges their children are facing.

The Congresswomen told CBS6 sits on the Education and Labor committees in Washington D.C. and encourages parents and families to share how mask mandates and other effects of the pandemic have impacted their students in school.

Stefanik hopes parents will share concerns so she can bring them back to the committees she sits on in Washington D.C.

“Our superintendents and teachers are very focused on serving the student, making sure that the schools remain open as much as possible,” said Stefanik. “And raising concerns with the governor and what’s happening with the New York state Department of Education. But in certain cases when there are issues in the school districts, we want to hear from parents.”

Stefanik adds she is supporting the Parents Bill of Rights; that is legislation which would give parents access to their kid’s curriculum and allow them to have open forums at school board meetings.

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