Congresswoman Stefanik Posts Over $3 million Cash-On-Hand While North Country Far-Left Democrat Candidates Have Colossal Q4 Failure

Saratoga, NY – Following four straight quarters of off-year record fundraising by Team Elise, Congresswoman Stefanik now has over $3.1 million cash-on-hand, which is more than 10 times the cash-on-hand than each of her four Far-Left opponents. NY-21 Democrats continued their absolute implosion, failing miserably in Q4. It’s only going to get harder for them going forward:

“While all four Far-Left Socialists had yet another abysmal fundraising quarter, Congresswoman Stefanik shattered off-year fundraising records and strengthened her support from tens of thousands of grassroots patriots across the North Country and America. Congresswoman Stefanik now has a commanding $3.1 million cash-on-hand, which is more than ten times the cash-on-hand than each of her Far-Left opponents. Our team looks forward to another sweeping victory in November against whichever failed, Far-Left Socialist clears this embarrassing primary.” – Alex DeGrasse, Senior Advisor to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik

In another record-breaking fundraising haul for the North Country, Team Elise recently announced raising over $10 million in 2021 and over $5 million in the 4th Quarter for Elise for Congress, E-PAC, Elise Victory Fund, and via WinRed for targeted GOP candidates. This was the largest off-year haul and largest quarterly fundraising haul for any North Country Congressional campaign ever.