December 19, 2021 by Donald Lavarge

While electing the right politicians to our local, state and federal governments is important, Congresswoman Stefanik has rightly recognized that helping to elect Republican women is the way towards a better state and country. Since launching E-PAC, Stefanik has enabled many Republican women to succeed at the ballot box.

In November’s election, 11 of the 15 congressional seats up for election were won by women endorsed by Stefanik and E-PAC. On top of that, since launching E-PAC, the GOP has gone from just having 13 Republican congresswomen to over 30! It is truly inspiring to see how a determined woman can help transform this country for the better and help enable the success of other women.

Congresswoman Stefanik is an inspiration to Republican women everywhere and has proven that she has what it takes to help Republican women succeed.

Donald Lavarge, Gansevoort

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