November 27, 2021 by Nicholas Collins

It gives me comfort to see the American people waking up to what the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer coalition is up to. The infrastructure bill that has a pittance for traditional infrastructure was passed and signed despite the administration’s dropping poll numbers. The Build Back Better bill is chock-full of increased government, government programs, money for China through “green energy” programs and amnesty for illegal aliens.

The reconciliation bill was scored for 10 years. To get the cost down from over $4 trillion to around $2 trillion, many of these new social programs and giveaways are only in the budget for a couple of years. When was the last time you saw the government end a social program? I am hoping Senator Manchin holds firm in not selling out his state, given the administration wanting to put oil, coal and natural gas out of business.

I see the usual suspects writing letters against the GOP and our great Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. People now can see plain as day that the present Democrat Party represents totalitarianism and lacks tolerance and works to divide the country into tribes instead of uniting it. Btw, the BBB bill restores the SALT deductions that rich New Yorkers have been bellyaching about.

Our congresswoman’s job, in addition to representation, is to bring to her district services and information of benefits she may have or may not have voted for. She will fight to bring to the district what funds she can regardless if she supported them originally. The many letter writers and editors from this paper may never vote for a GOP candidate yet try to tell the readers that the GOP should put up Democrat-like politicians to please them.

Keep up the good work Elise. We who voted for you have your back!

Nicholas Collins, Glens Falls

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