Make sure you & your neighbors are able to vote today.

Team Elise is receiving reports from some towns and cities that voters are being told they must wear a mask in order to vote. Let us be very clear. This is illegal voter suppression. The New York State Constitution is clear, nothing can inhibit a legal voter from going to cast their ballot in person. There is currently NO mandate requiring a voter to wear a mask to go vote despite what a Democrat poll worker will try to tell you.

We are asking voters to spread this message, record the name and voting location where any poll workers deny anyone their right to vote due to masks. The work of certified Republican poll watchers has never been more important to hold the line and report this illegal activity immediately to your local board of elections as well as our office.

We want to make sure every voter has the opportunity to vote today and denying anyone their right to vote is illegal. Please contact if you see any instances of this happening or call our office at (518)681-0861.

Let’s make sure we all get out to vote!