October 26, 2021

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik called President Biden’svaccine mandate“unconstitutional” and warned that it is only making the current labor shortage worse. On “The Faulkner Focus,” Stefanik, R-N.Y., said Republicans areopposed to the mandate, which she considers an overreach by the government, and promised to defend Americans’ freedoms.

ELISE STEFANIK:These vaccine mandates, whether at the federal level or some of our Democrat governors are putting them into place, they are unconstitutional and illegal. In my home state of New York, you talked about how we could see massive shortages. We are already seeing worker shortages in New York with our unconstitutional mandate. I represent a hospital in my district, in a rural region, Louis County. They’re no longer able to deliver babies because of this vaccine mandate. So our workers – whether it’s our nurses, our doctors, our first responders, our law enforcement officers – they worked, they put their lives and health on the line throughout the COVID pandemic. And now these mandates are forcing them out of a job.

If they choose not to get the vaccine, that is their personal choice. That is already exacerbating a labor shortage that we’re already facing in this country, particularly as we’re heading into the holidays with such a significant supply chain crisis. So Republicans are opposed to these top-down mandates. This is government overreach at its worst. And what was most frustrating and telling for me to hear from the president of the United States is he mocked Americans for standing up for their freedoms. This country is based upon freedoms and Republicans are going to defend freedom.

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