Elise for Congress now has more than 10x Cash-On-Hand than all NY-21 Opponents Combined

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

SARATOGA, N.Y. — Today, Team Elise announced that its three entities, Elise for Congress, E-PAC and Elise Victory Fund, raised a combined total of $1,467,000 for Q2 2021. This marks a record for Congresswoman Stefanik’s Q2 fundraising in an off-year and stands in addition to the record early support Congresswoman Stefanik has raised for 2022 GOP candidates.

Cycle to date, Team Elise raised over $500,000 via WinRed directly for targeted GOP campaigns, including nearly $400,000 for GOP women candidates. Team Elise has transferred or raised over $1,100,000 to the NRCC this past quarter.

E-PAC, Congresswoman Stefanik’s PAC dedicated to electing Republican women has over $300,000on hand after raising$116,249in Q2. After raising over $1.2 million, Elise for Congress has over $2.1 million on hand—ten times the cash-on-hand as all of Congresswoman Stefanik’s opponents combined.

“I continue to be humbled, grateful, and blown away by the unprecedented small-dollar financial support for Team Elise and our mission,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.“It’s clear that grassroots patriots across America are fired up, energized, and donating in historic numbers. We’ve already seen a record number of Republican candidates step up to run this cycle, many of them GOP Women, and we are committed to helping get them elected. Momentum is on our side to take back the House and Fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

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