March 26, 2021 by Reagan McCarthy

A special election is underway in Texas’ 6th congressional district to fill the seat vacated by former Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX), who died of COVID in February. On the heels of what is designated as “the year of the Republican woman” Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) endorsed Susan Wright, the late congressman’s widow, in the crowded field of contenders.

Stefanik’s political action committee (PAC) works to seat Republican women in House and Senate seats. The New York Republican said that Wright was the best choice to fill the seat previously held by her late husband, deeming Wright a “warrior for conservative values.”

“This will be a critical race, which is why Susan Wright, a proven warrior for our conservative values, is the right choice and has my full endorsement. Susan has a long record of service to her community and will make an outstanding addition to our record class of Republican women in the U.S. House,” said Stefanik. “It was an honor to serve with my friend, Rep. Ron Wright, and I am equally honored to support Susan as she looks to continue her and her late husband’s shared mission to deliver results for their district.”

Similarly, Stefanik backed Congresswoman-elect Julia Letlow (R-LA), who recently won a special election for the seat vacated by her late husband.

Thanks to the work done by Stefanik and other groups supporting conservative female candidates, a historic number of Republican women were elected in November.

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