March 15, 2021 By Alex Gault

WASHINGTON — Rep. Elise M. Stefanik is officially calling on President Joseph R. Biden to demand Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo resign from office.

In a statement Monday, Rep. Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, said the governor is unable to effectively do his job as he faces federal and state investigations into his administration’s handling of COVID-19 related nursing home deaths, as well as a growing number of sexual harassment allegations.

“As bipartisan calls for Governor Cuomo’s resignation and impeachment at the federal and state levels continue to grow, President Biden has the responsibility to stand up for the American people and all New Yorkers,” Rep. Stefanik said.

On Sunday morning, the president offered his first direct remarks regarding the embattled New York governor.

“I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us,” he told reporters.

Rep. Stefanik said she thinks that didn’t go far enough.

“Yesterday’s (Sunday’s) statement make it clear that the President of the United States is complicit in the coverup of Gov. Cuomo’s criminal conduct including repeated sexual abuse,” she said.

The Biden White House has spoken about the sexual harassment allegations leveled at Gov. Cuomo a few times in the past. On Feb. 28, after the first two women came forward with stories of Gov. Cuomo inappropriately touching them, asking them explicit and personal questions and generally demeaning them, White House Press Secretary Jennifer R. Psaki said President Biden supported an “independent review” of the allegations.

“There should be an independent review looking into these allegations,” she said at a press briefing that day, “and that’s certainly something (President Biden) supports and we believe should move forward as quickly as possible.”

The White House has stuck with that message ever since, continually expressing support for the investigations now underway.

Rep. Stefanik accused President Biden of failing the American people and New Yorkers specifically, by “failing to live up to his own standards,” regarding sexual harassment, grooming, sexual abuse or assault.

President Biden has repeatedly taken a hard-line stance on workplace misconduct, telling appointees during a digital swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20 that he would take immediately fire them if they ever disrespected a coworker.

“Rather than hold elected officials to the highest standards of ethical conduct, President Biden has prioritized partisan politics over the overwhelming and unified bipartisan calls for Gov. Cuomo’s immediate resignation,” Rep. Stefanik said.

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