By Nick Collins

Full disclosure — I have written many letters to the editor. On more than one occasion, either Ken Tingley or Will Doolittle will reply, letting me know they won’t print a letter because either facts were unknown or they were false, and they would give me the opportunity to correct my letter and resubmit it. I have never not had a resubmitted letter or letter submitted not printed.

I am amazed, however, by all these letters condemning Elise Stefanik for her legal and constitutional stance to object to the electoral votes of certain states. It is not insurrection. What she did was totally lawful. She condemned the riot that ensued at the Capitol immediately.

She and the objectors knew they would not succeed, and that was made clear to media outlets. It was an attempt to have evidence displayed for all to see; unfortunately, the break-in riot had the opposite effect, it shut things down. When I saw it on TV, I was horrified. I knew this was the worst thing that could have happened.

There were hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters who would not and did not participate in the intrusion. They were there to support their president.

There are letter-writers here that spew outright falsehoods about Trump, Elise and Republicans. Trump never called for a coup d’état, as one writer claims. Letters say the riots in major cities that resulted in looting and destruction of property were caused by white nationalists without any proof. Saying Trump is run by Putin when that is a proven falsehood. Trump in his speeches never called for the attack on the Capitol. He was speaking over a mile away when it started at the Capitol.

Elise is still a great representative for NY-21. Billboards and letters to the editor won’t change that.

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