By Paul Maroun of Tupper Lake

October 21, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: If you are a veteran, a U.S. citizen trapped in another country trying to return home, if you or a member of your family requires Veterans Administration assistance or if you are a corrections or police officer or EMT personnel, you are extremely fortunate to have Elise Stefanik as your congresswoman.

If you need an important grant to secure broadband for your community, Elise Stefanik is who you want representing you in Congress.

If your community college is seeking additional funding for certain projects, be thankful your representative in Washington is Elise Stefanik.

If you or your family members are active duty dilitary, you could have no one more committed to the military and Fort Drum than Elise Stefanik.

How do I know and why am I writing this letter you may ask? Here’s my simple answer.

Elise Stefanik has been in Tupper Lake several times to deliver grant money, $200,000, for broadband expansion.

Elise Stefanik has assisted veterans with all types of concerns and helped a veteran in Tupper Lake access the Choice Program and have a surgical procedure paid for by the VA, at the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, rather than traveling hundreds of miles to a VA hospital.

Elise personally called me several times, successfully assisting a Tri-Lakes resident to return home after being stranded overseas during the COVID crisis.

Congresswoman Stefanik has broadened the operations at Fort Drum by expanding the defense designation of Fort Drum as an East Coast Missile Defense Site.

Elise Stefanik is doing what a member of Congress should do: serve and represent her district.

Elise Stefanik has earned our vote.


Mayor of the Village of Tupper Lake

Franklin County Legislator

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