Written by Kenneth D. Blankenbush in the Watertown Daily Times on October 8, 2020

As we look ahead to this important election on Nov. 3, one could say that the Republican ticket has never been stronger.

There is so much energy and excitement for the future ahead with all of the strong men and women filling the Republican lines. From our strong and resilient president down to our dedicated assemblymen, the Republican Party is good shape for the future.

I also want to acknowledge our shining star for our district, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. Her dedication to delivering results for NY-21 has been seen not just here in the north country but on a national level as well. She takes the time to fight for us in D.C. but also listens to our concerns here in the district.

I’ve stood proudly with her at many events in our area, and I look forward to continuing to do so moving forward. Vote Red in November, and let’s keep this momentum going.

Kenneth D. Blankenbush

Black River

The writer is the Republican state assemblyman for the 117th District.

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