Written by Forman Phillips in the Daily Gazette on October 7, 2020

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the incumbent, supports our troops and the measures President Trump has taken to enhance and improve their capabilities and status. During his administration, the pay and benefits for soldiers have been increased, money has been allocated for research and development of advanced weapons systems and technology, and access to health care, particularly mental health care, for veterans has been improved.
Remember the dysfunction at the VA during the previous administration when veterans had to wait months for treatment?
Every day, Tedra Cobb airs a TV advertisement that criticizes Congresswoman Stefanik for not paying enough attention to the alleged offer by Vladimir Putin to pay terrorists a bounty for killing American soldiers.
How does Cobb, who holds no public office, know about this? Each time this advertisement is aired, she is telling terrorists about this reward. She is publicizing Putin’s evil scheme.
So who will you vote for – the Putin publicist who, to attack her political opponent, airs information that encourages terrorists to kill Americans OR a patriot who supports the sacrifices of our soldiers by giving them the means and the rewards they need to protect us from foreign threats?

Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa

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