September 29, 2020

Washington County: Today, 66 Washington County elected officials from each town in the county endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. Congresswoman Stefanik has been endorsed by 810 local elected officials including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from each county in NY-21: St. Lawrence, Essex, Saratoga, Jefferson, Clinton, Warren, Lewis, Herkimer, Franklin, Hamilton, Fulton, and Washington Counties.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Washington County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“No other candidate supports our small businesses, farms, and second amendment rights more than Elise Stefanik,” said Samuel Hall (R), Washington County Board of Supervisors Chairman. “She is always accessible and really listens and works as a partner to deliver results for folks across Washington County. I am proud to endorse Elise and looking forward to another great result on November 3rd.”

“During the COVID-19 scare, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik ensured that her constituents and their small businesses would be able to stay open and continue to support our local economy,” said Matt Hicks (R), Supervisor, Town of Granville. “As a supervisor, it is incredible to have such a reliable and accessible partner at the federal level who is just as concerned about the businesses on Main Street as the owners and town residents themselves.”

“I’m grateful to earn the support and endorsement of each of these 66 local elected officials and community leaders in Washington County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I have now been endorsed by over 800 local officials from every county in my district, and I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of historic support for my re-election campaign. My independent record of real results, bipartisanship, and working with anyone to get things done is what my constituents look for in a Representative, unlike my opponent who only works with the Far-Left wing of her radical party and cannot be trusted to work with community leaders across our district.”

The full list of 66 Washington County local elected officials is below:

Jeff Murphy, Sheriff, Washington County

Al Nolette, Treasurer, Washington County

Stephanie Lemery, Clerk, Washington County

Robert Henke, Town Supervisor, Argyle

Jonathan MacKenzie, Village Mayor, Argyle

Joyann Stimpson, Town Clerk, Argyle

Carman Bogle, Washington County

Doug Ford, Deputy Supervisor, Cambridge

Heather Greenawalt, Town Clerk, Cambridge

Paul Ferguson, Town Supervisor, Dresden

Allen Wilbur, Town Council Member, Dresden

Edwin Raymond, Town Council Member, Dresden

Marcinda Wilbur, Town Clerk, Dresden

Randy Moy, Town Council Member, Easton

Scott Brownell, Town Council Member, Easton

Bill Herrick, Town Council Member, Easton

Samuel J. Hall, Town Supervisor, Fort Ann

Deb Witherell, Deputy Town Supervisor, Fort Ann

Gretchen Stark, Town Council Member, Fort Ann

Barbara Winchell, Town Clerk, Fort Ann

Lester D. Losaw Jr., Town Supervisor, Fort Edward

Matthew Traver, Village Mayor, Fort Edward

Matthew Hicks, Town Supervisor, Granville

Paul Labas, Village Mayor, Granville

Matt Rathbun, Town Council Member, Granville

Ken Quick, Town Council Member, Granville

Jenny Martelle, Town Clerk, Granville

Don Ward, Town Supervisor, Greenwich

Steven Patrick, Town Council Member, Greenwich

Eric Whitehouse, Town Council Member, Greenwich

Jeff Duxbury, Town Council Member, Greenwich

Kim Whelan, Town Clerk, Greenwich

Stanley Mattison Sr, Highway Superintendent, Greenwich

David O’Brien, Town Supervisor, Hampton

Dana Ted Haff, Town Supervisor, Hartford

Barbara Beecher, Town Council Member, Hartford

Gary Burch, Town Council Member, Hartford

Brian Campbell, Town Supervisor, Hebron

Sanford Craig, Town Council Member, Hebron

Dorothy Worthington, Town Clerk, Hebron

Jay Skellie, Town Supervisor, Jackson

Carol Rich, Town Council Member, Jackson

Sean Carney, Highway Superintendent, Jackson

Dana Hogan, Town Supervisor, Kingsbury

William Haessly, Town Council Member, Kingsbury

Richard Doyle, Town Council Member, Kingsbury

Daniel Washburn, Town Council Member, Kingsbury

Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Bardin, Town Clerk, Kingsbury

Darrell Wilson, Town Supervisor, Putnam

Darlene Kerr, Town Clerk, Putnam

Patricia Gilchrist, Town Clerk, Salem

Travis Keys, Highway Superintendent, Salem

Joy Stimpson, Village Clerk, Village of Argyle

Roy Steves, Village Trustee, Village of Fort Ann

John Boucher Jr, Village Trustee, Village of Fort Edward

Dean Hyatt, Village Trustee, Village of Granville

Paul Labas, Mayor, Village of Granville

Richard Roberts, Village Clerk, Village of Granville

Dan Brown, Village Trustee, Village of Granville

Ellen Brayman, Village Clerk, Village of Hudson Falls

George Armstrong Sr., Village Trustee, Village of Whitehall

John Rozell, Highway Superintendent, Whitehall

Timothy Kingsley, Town Council Member, Whitehall

Patti Gordon, Town Clerk, Whitehall

Louis Pratt II, Highway Superintendent, Whitehall

Larry Shiell, Town Council, Putnam