Written by Nicholas Karam in the Press-Republican on September 28, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Yes, the American Dream is standing and I, like many other immigrants, am living proof. I arrived with a small suitcase filled with big dreams and high hopes.

My journey through citizenship was long and weary. I was faced with intolerance and racism. I can tell you that discrimination is not specific to gender, race, or political affiliations. During my hardships, I met wonderful people pushing me up and giving me back hope. I can also tell you that humanity comes in every gender, every race, and every political affiliation.

During those years, I finished my education, became a physician, had a career, was blessed with a family, and finally, sixteen years later, I fulfilled all my dreams, every immigrant dream: dignity, freedom, respect, and American citizenship.

Now, I can finally vote, and I will be voting for Elise Stefanik. For a decade and a half, I watched and analyzed many candidates that used big words but made little action. I also watched and analyzed Elise Stefanik’s work for the North Country since she was elected.

She plunges headfirst to work, working to bring all the results she can from Washington to our home here in the North Country. In my profession, we plunge headfirst into work, consumed with saving a patient’s life. Elise is like a surgeon, focused on reviving her region. She is excellent at it because, during her short time in Washington, she made the right decisions and walked on the right path, exactly what a smart and successful elected official should do.

As a healthcare worker, I am at awe at her accomplishments with the grants and funds she was able to secure rapidly to her district. And as an immigrant, I am proud to cast my vote for Elise on Nov. 3.



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