September 14, 2020

Franklin County: Today, 46 Franklin County elected officials endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. To date, Congresswoman Stefanik has been endorsed by 689 local elected officials throughout St. Lawrence, Essex, Saratoga, Jefferson, Clinton, Warren, Lewis, Herkimer, and Franklin Counties.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Franklin County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“It was an unprecedented time to be mayor during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the safety and livelihood of our county was in question, it was comforting knowing that we had a partner on the federal level who had our backs through whatever we faced,” said Paul Maroun (R), County Legislator, District 6, and Mayor of Tupper Lake. “Elise’s results in providing stimulus aid to our families and businesses ensured safety and comfort for the Tupper Lake area through a historic pandemic.”

“Elise is at the forefront of the fight for safe and secure borders while fostering the cross border economy that stimulates success for our businesses,” said Andrea Dumas (R), County Legislator, District 3. “Her support for our border agents demonstrates her stance on secure borders and exemplifies her backing of our brave servicemen and women. There is no doubt in my mind that Elise will continue to bring results to Franklin County and further develop the cross border economy that focuses on America first.”

“It came at no surprise when Elise was recognized as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress,” said Barry White (D), Town Council Member, Bangor. “Her ability to weave between party lines in order to foster the best results for our district helped to bring a divided nation closer together. I can say with the utmost certainty that no candidate, from this district or elsewhere, can bring politicians together to bring meaningful results to their constituents more so than Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.”

“I’m grateful to earn the support and endorsement of each of these 46 local elected officials and community leaders in Franklin County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “My constituents know I am their chief advocate and they can count on me to work with anyone, regardless of party, to secure real results for our region. I’m honored by the overwhelming support from these elected officials and all 689 endorsements I’ve earned from leaders across our district. I look forward to continuing to work with all of these Franklin County elected officials in my next term in Congress.”

The full list of 46 Franklin County local elected officials is below:

Kevin Mulverhill, Sheriff, Franklin County

Andrea Dumas, County Legislator, District 3

Edward Lockwood, County Legislator, District 4

Paul Maroun, County Legislator, District 6, Tupper Lake Village Mayor

Michael Lawrence, Town Supervisor, Brandon

Dorothy Brown, Town Supervisor, Franklin

Andrea Stewart, Town Supervisor, Malone

Andrew McGill, Town Supervisor, Santa Clara

Patricia Littlefield, Town Supervisor, Tupper Lake

Chad Rivers, Town Supervisor, Waverly

Matthew Clarke, Village Mayor, Chateaugay

Andrea Dumas, Village Mayor, Malone

Barry White, Town Council, Bangor

Greg Langdon, Town Council, Bellmont

Judylane Nason, Town Clerk, Bellmont

Lee Davis, Highway Superintendent, Bellmont

Jamie Durant, Highway Superintendent, Bombay

Dale Marshall, Town Council , Brandon

Steven Tucker, Town Council, Brighton

Elaine Sater, Town Clerk, Brighton

Andy Crary, Highway Superintendent, Brighton

James Otis, Town Council, Burke

Timothy Crippen, Town Council, Burke

Arnold Lobdell, Town Council, Burke

William Trombly, Town Council, Chateaugay

Darby Monette, Town Council, Chateaugay

Scott Cowan, Town Council, Chateaugay

Roger LaBombard, Highway Superintendent, Chateaugay

David Patterson, Town Council, Constable

Susan Prue, Town Clerk, Constable

Dolores Rice, Town Council, Dickinson

Tammy Daggett, Town Clerk, Dickinson

Eleanor Sue Nitto, Town Clerk, Duane

Ned LeMieux Jr., Highway Superintendent, Duane

Jacques Demars, Highway Superintendent, Franklin

Patricia Gillmett, Town Clerk, Harrietstown

Bruce Mallette, Highway Superintendent, Malone

Adam Deuyour, Town Council, Moira

Burton Peck IV, Town Council, Moira

Amanda Dishaw, Town Clerk, Moira

Mary Fontana, Town Council, Tupper Lake

Ronald LaScala, Village Trustee, Tupper Lake

Cynthia Durant, Town Council, Waverly

Deborah Fraser, Town Clerk, Waverly

Harold Jack Fraser, Highway Superintendent, Waverly

Robert Reynolds, Town Council, Westville