Written by Meg Messitt in The Post Star on September 13, 2020


From the perspective of a young adult, the world currently seems bleak. The evening news is filled with COVID-19 pandemic hysteria; the burning, looting and mass destruction of cities across America; and a country in clear divide.

I find hope, however, in my congresswoman, Elise Stefanik. Congresswoman Stefanik is promoting much-needed economic relief programs for those suffering. She is holding New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accountable for over 6,000 nursing home deaths caused by his poor leadership during the height of the pandemic crisis.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Stefanik has ensured funding of over $21 million dollars for Glens Falls Hospital, while enabling our small businesses to remain throughout the pandemic with the aid of PPP loans.

Stefanik believes in law and order and is a proud supporter of our police officers while also cosponsoring the Justice Act; which improves police-community relations and calls for further reform to keep our communities safer.

Meanwhile, her opponent has a record of voting to cut law enforcement funding while raising taxes. I believe the future is brighter with Congresswoman Stefanik continuing to fight for our freedoms and safety. The choice is clear. Vote Elise November 3rd!

Meg Messitt, Wilton

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